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NPS 2006 Technical Reports

Report Number Author(s) Title
NPS-96-06-001 Gunderson Worldwide Consortium for the Grid (W2COG) Research Intiative Phase 1 Final Reposrt
NPS-97-06-001 Bindi, Kaslik, Baker, Manning, Billington, Marion, Gallassero, Mueller, Gueary, Scherry, Harts, Strunk Littoral Undersea Warfare in 2025
NPS-97-06-004 Kessler, Connett, Oravec, Davis, Shewfelt, Chiu-Rourman, Wark,Ng, Chua, Lee, Lim, Ho, Lim, Yeo, Chew, Tean, Chung Maritime Threat Response
NPS-CS-06-001 Levin, Irvine, Nguyen An Analysis of Three Kernel-based Multilevel Security Architectures
NPS-CS-06-002 Afinidad, Irvine, Nguyen, Levin A Time Interval Memory Protection System
NPS-CS-06-006 Clark, Wong, Khosalim Re-Mastering Knoppix for the MYSEA Testbed
NPS-CS-06-007 Clark, Irvine, Levin, Nguyen, Shifflett, Miller Initial Documnetation Requirements for a High Assurance System: Lessons Learned
NPS-CS-06-008 Caffall, Michael, Voas Proceedings of the Fifth Workshop on Software Assessment
NPS-CS-06-009 Hopfner CAC on a MAC: Setting up a DOD Common Access Card Reader on the Macintosh OS X Operating System
NPS-CS-06-010 Cook, Drusinky, Michael, Otani, Shing Design of Preliminary Experiments with the Sun Jana Real-Time System
NPS-CS-06-012 Bhaskara, Levin, Nguyen, Benzel, Irvine, Clark Integration of User Specific Hardware for SecureCore Cryptographic Services
NPS-CS-06-013 Auguston, Cook, Michael, Shing, Tummala, Wijesekera, Xie Requirements for Self-Stabilitization of Distributed Advance Battle Managers
NPS-CS-06-014 Nguyen, Levin, Irvine, Clark, Benzel, Bhaskara Preliminary Security Requirements for SecureCore Hardware
NPS-GSBPP-06-001 Doerr, Lewis Impact of Diffusion and Variability on Vendor Performance Evaluation
NPS-GSBPP-06-004 Boudreau Using Cost as an Independent Variable (CAIV) to Reduce Total Ownership Cost
NPS-GSBPP-06-007 Rendon Using a Modular Open Systems Approach in Defense Acquisitions: Implications for the Contracting Process
NPS-GSBPP-06-008 Cox, King Violence Involving Sailors: Approaches for Reducing the Rates of Violence
NPS-GSBPP-06-009 Brook, King Legislating Civil Service Reform: The Homeland Security Act of 2002
NPS-GSBPP-06-010 Apte, Dutkowski Total Ownership Cost Reduction Case Study: AEGIS Microwave power Tubes
NPS-GSBPP-06-011 Brook, Hudgens, Nguyen, Walsh Benchmarking Best Practices in Transformation for Sea Enterprise
NPS-GSBPP-06-012 Naegle Developeming Software Requirements Supporting Open Architechture Goals in Critical DoD System-of-Systems
NPS-GSBPP-06-013 Thomas, Hocevar, Jansen A Diagnostic Approach to Building Collaboarttive Capacity in an Interagency Context
NPS-GSBPP-06-014 McCaffery, Jones Reform of Budgeting for Acquisition: Lessons from Private Sector Capital Budgeting for the Department of Defense
NPS-GSBPP-06-015 Nissen, Barrett Changing Major Acquisition Organizations to Adopt the Best Loci of Knowledge, Responsibilities and Decsion Rights
NPS-GSBPP-06-016 Boudreau Acoustic Rapid COTS Insertion: A Case Study in Spiral Development
NPS-GSBPP-06-018 Rios, Housel, Mun Integrated Portfolio Analysis: Return on Investment and Real Options Analysis of Intelligence Information Systems (Cryptologic Carry On Program)
NPS-GSBPP-06-019 Apte, Kang Lean Six Sigma for Reduced Cycle Costs and Improved Readiness
NPS-GSBPP-06-020 San Miguel, Summers Public-private Partnerships for Government Financing, Controlling Risk, and Value-for-money: The UK Experience
NPS-GSBPP-06-021 San Miguel, Summers Using Public-private Partnerships and Energy Savings Contracts to Fund DoD Mobile Assets
NPS-GSBPP-06-022 Komoroski, Housel, Hom, Mun A Methodology for Improving the Shipyard Planning Process: Using KVA Analysis, Risk Simulation and Strategic Real Opltions
NPS-IS-06-004 Schacher, Irvine Collection Management and Targetting Architecture
NPS-MR-06-001 Guest, Davidson, Knorr, Gutekunst, Lind Report on TNT 05-3 Atmospheric Effects Support
NPS-MR-06-002 Guest, Davidson, Knorr, Gutekunst, Lind, Frederickson Report on TNT 05-4 Atmospheric Effects Support
NPS-MV-06-002 Brutzman, Blais, Norbraten Modeling and 3D Visualization for Evaluation of Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection Alternatives Phase II Final Report
NPS-OC-06-001 Rago, Michisaki, Marinovic, Whitaker Physical, Nutrient and Biological Measurements of Coastal Waters off Central California in October 2005
NPS-OR-06-004 Glazebrook, Kirkbride, Mitchell, Gaver, Jacobs Index Policies for Shooting Problems
NPS-OR-06-007 Washburn Continuous Network Interdiction
NPS-OR-06-010 Gaver, Jacobs, Sato Assessing Resource Requirements for Maritime Domain Awareness and Protection (Security)
NPS-SE-06-001 Bacchus, Barford, Bedford, Chung, Dailey, Hazle, Hill, Mihocka Digital Array Radar for Ballistic Missle Defense and Counter-Stealth Systems Analysis and Parameter Tradeoff Study
NPS-SE-06-002 Deering, Grates, Hedge, Kung, Martinez, Mcarthy, Pugh, Radojkovic Open Architecture as an Enabler for FORCEnet
NPS-SE-06-003 Romero, Gorsch, Nantasenamat, Sanchez,Nguyen, Metaferia, Timm, Barron, Jung, Nguyen, Tan Implication of FORCEnet on Coalition Forces
NPS-SE-06-004 Davis, Gordon, Jose, Kyser, May, Anh, Olea, Perkins, Reyes, Scali, Vik, Zachariah, Zachary, Zubieta-Hernandez Tactical Satellite (TacSat) Feasibility Study A Scenario Driven Approach
NPS-SE-06-005 Berger, Choate, Gonzales, Liou, Nguyen, Park, Perkins, Peterson, Russel, Shebatka, Tahimic, Whalin Coalition FORCEnet Implementation Analysis