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NPS FY02 Technical Reports

Report Number Author(s) Title
NPS-AA-02-001PR Agrawal, Spencer Bifocal Relay Mirror Technology Development
NPS-CS-02-001 Spyropoulou. Levin, Irvine KeyNote Policy Files and Conversion to Disjunctive Normal Form for Use in IPsec
NPS-CS-02-003 Irvine, Levin, Dinolt A National Trusted Computing Strategy
NPS-CS-02-004 Irvine, Levin, Dinolt Diamond HASP Trusted Computing Exemplar
NPS-CS-02-005 Spyropoulou. Levin, Irvine Demonstration of Quality of Security Service Awareness for IPsec
NPS-CS-02-006 Irvine, Shifflett, Clark, Levin, Dinolt MYSEA Security Architecture
NPS-EC-02-002 Vincent, Munsch Power-Line Noise Mitigation Handbook for Naval and other Receiving Sites
NPS-EC-02-003 Hippenstiel Signal to Noise Ratio Improvement Using Wavelet and Frequency Domain Based Processing
NPS-GSBPP-02-001 Nissen Understanding "Understanding" Flow for Network-Centric Warefare : Military Knowledge-Flow Mechanics
NPS-GSBPP-02-002 Nissen Virtual Supply Chain Re-Intermediation Through Multi-Agent Systems
NPS-GSBPP-02-003 Nissen Toward Enterprise Process Engineering: Configuration Measurement and Analysis
NPS-GSBPP-02-004 Nissen The Rolodex Model: Understanding Relationship Complexity as a Precursor to the Design of Organizational Forms for Chaotic Environments
NPS-GSBPP-02-005 Gates, Nissen Two-Sided Matching Agents For Electronic Employment Market Design: Social Welfare Implications
NPS-GSBPP-02-006 Thomas Innovation in Organizations: A Discursive Perspective
NPS-IDSEA-02-001 Colvard, DePoy A Retrospective on the Development and Acquisition of Naval Capabilities During the Cold War Era; Report of a Symposium Held at NPS, 12 and 13 June 2001
NPS-IJWA-02-006 Maruyama, Baylor Fleet Battle Experiment - India; Assessment of the Joint Medical Operations - Telemedicine (JMO-T)
NPS-MA-02-001 Givoli, Neta High-Order Higdon Non-Reflecting Boundary Conditions for the Shallow Water Equations
NPS-NS-02-001 Looney, Schrady, Porch Economic Impact of Naval Forward Presence: Benefits, Linkage and Future Prospects as Modified by Trend in Globalization
NPS-OR-02-001-PR Washburn JOIST (Joint Optimizing Informational Strike Tool)
NPS-OR-02-003-PR Olwell, Washburn Internetting of Fires
NPS-OR-02-004 Gaver, Jacobs, Pilnick, Richards CROPDUSTER: A Model for Evaluating the "Common Relevant Operational Picture (CROP)"
NPS-OR-02-005 Gaver, Jacobs Battlespace / Information War (BAT/IW)
A System-of-Systems Model of a Strike Operation
NPS-OR-02-006 Salmeron, Dell, Brown, Rowe Capital Investment Planning Aid (CIPA) - AN Optimization-Based Decision-Support Tool To Plan Procurement and Retirement of Naval Platforms
NPS-OR-02-008 Wu, Newman Incorporating the SSGN Firing Unit in the TOMAHAWK Missile Phase 1 Predesignation Heuristic