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NPS FY00 Technical Reports

Report Number Author Title
NPS-CS-00-001 Berzins, Luqi, Shultes, Guo, Allen ,Cheng, Gee. Nguyen, Stierna Interoperability Technology Assessment for Joint C4ISR Systems
NPS-CS-00-002 Levin, Irvine Quality of Security Service in a Resource Management System Benefit Function
NPS-CS-00-003 Stone, Lundy, Xie Network Policy Languages: A Survey and A New Approch
NPS-CS-00-004 Levin, Irvine The Effects of Security Choices and Limits in a Metacomputing Environment
NPS-CS-00-005 Levin, Irvine An Introduction to Quality of Security Services
NPS-CS-00-006 Siegel, Levin, Irvine, Prasanna, Hensgen Management System for Heterogeneous Networks Final Report - Vol. 1: Project Summary & Papers
NPS-CS-00-007 Spyropoulou, Levin, Irvine Quality of Security service Costing Demontration for the MSHN Project
NPS-CS-00-008 Irvine, Levi Data Integrity Limitations in Hybrid Security Architechture
NPS-EC-00-001 Hippenstiel, Fargues, Moraitakis, Williams Detection and Parameter Estimation of Chirped Radar Signals
NPS-EC-00-002 Parker EA-6B Communications EA Transmitter Project
NPS-EC-00-003 Loomis, Jr. Geolocation of Electromagnetic Emitters
NPS-EC-00-004 Adler, Parker, Vincent LPI Signal Detectability
NPS-EC-00-005 Pace, Ekestorm, Karow, Fouts An All-Digital Image Synthesizer for Countering High-Resolution Imaging Radars
NPS-EC-00-006 Pace, Zulaica A Relative Targeting Archeitecture for Test Range Visualization in Captive-Carry Missile
NPS-EC-00-008 Hippenstiel, Haney, Ha Improvement of the Time Difference Arrival (TDOA) Estimation of GSM Signals Using Wavelets
NPS-EC-00-009 Barsanti, Tummala, Therrien Enhanced Multi-Segment Tracker
NPS-JW-00-001 Gallup, Irvine Time Critical Targets in Fleet Battle Experiment - Foxtrot
NPS-JW-00-002 Schrady Sea-based Logistics and Lessons From the Falklands
NPS-JW-00-003 Chu A Mine Impact Burial Model Sensitivity Study
NPS-JW-00-004 Schacher, Gallup, Callahan Coordination of Fleet Battele Experimentation & Joint Experimentation Programs - Results from Experiment Echo
NPS-JW-00-005 Various Fleet Battle Experiment Foxtrot - Final Report
NPS-JW-00-006 Schacher, Gallup, James (MBC), Irvine, Marashian Time Critical Strikeand Fires Battle Experiment Results; Summary Report
NPS-MA-00-001 Danielson, Canright Documentation of the Naval Space Command Automatic Differential Correction Process
NPS-ME-00-001 Calvano, Harney The Surface Warfare Test Ship
NPS-ME-00-002 Jolly, Kwon Computer Modeling & Simulation of Bullet Impact to the Human Thorax
NPS-ME-00-003 Dussourd Design of a Video Recording and Tracking System for the NPS Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV)
NPS-MR-00-001  Carr, Elsberry, Boothe Condensed and Updated Version of the Systematic Approach Meteorological Knowledge Base Southern Hemisphere
NPS-MR-00-002 Carr, Elsberry, Peak, Dunnavan Development and Beta-Test of The Systematic Approach Expert System Prototype as a Tropical Cyclone Forecastic Aid (SAFA)
NPS-MR-00-003 Boothe, Elsberry, Carr Atlantic Application of the Systematic Approach to Tropical Cyclone Track Forecasting Part 1: Environmental Structure Characteristics
NPS-MR-00-004 Reader, Boothe, Elsberry, Carr Southern Hemisphere Application of the Systematic Approach to Tropical Cyclone Forecasting Part IV: Sources of Large Track Errors by Dynamical Models
NPS-OC-00-001PR Denner, Chiu, Ramp Report on the Office of Naval Research Phase III International Workshop on Shallow-Water Acoustics, Alyeska Resort, Girdwood, Alaska, July 12-15, 1999
NPS-OC-00-002 Rago, Chiu, Collins, Worchester, Castro Oceanographic Data from Sur Ridge (36.3° N, 122.4° W) to Hoke Seamount (32.1° N, 126.9° W), May 1999
NPS-OR-00-001 Gaver, Jacobs Servicing Impatient Tasks That Have Uncertain Outcomes
NPS-OR-00-002-PR Gates, Kwon, Anderson, Washburn Marine KC130F/R Replacement Study
NPS-OR-00-003 Buss, Halwachs Core Validation for Maritime Operations Simulation (MarOpsSim)
NPS-OR-00-004-IR Read Selected Statistical Methods and Algorithmic Support
NPS-OR-00-005 Newman, Brown, Dell, Giddings, Rosenthal An Integer-Linear Program to Plan Procurement and Deployment of Space and Missile Assets
NPS-OR-00-006 Gaver, Glazebrook, Jacobs, Seglie Probability Models for Sequential-Stage System Reliability Growth via Failure Mode Removal
NPS-OR-00-007 Gaver, Jacobs, Youngren, Parry J-STOCHWARS and Beyond: Models for Force Motion and Interaction that Represent Uncertain Perception
NPS-NS-00-001 McIlvene, Salene, Duke, Lajeunesse, Wilkinson Tunisia 2010: A Defense Requirements Study
NPS-SM-00-002 McMasters
Derivations of Formulas for Measures of Effectiveness, Safety Stock, & Minimum Cost Order and Repair Quantities fir a Readiness-Based Repair Repairable Item Inventory Model for the U.S. Navy
NPS-SM-00-003 Sammis, Wilkinson, Mehay, Gue Application & Assement of the Recruiting Station Location Evaluation System (RSLES)
NPS-SM-00-004 Hogan, Hughes, Mehay, Cook Enlistment Supply at the Local Market Level
NPS-SM-00-005 Kocher, Thomas A Preliminary Analysis of the 1999 USMC Retention Survey
NPS-SM-00-006 McMasters A Preliminary Evaluation of a Readiness-Based Repairable Item Inventory Model for the US Navy
NPS-SM-00-008 Hocevar A Preliminary Analysis of the 1999 USMC Web-Based Exit Survey
NPS-SM-00-009 Mehay, Gue, Hogan The Recruiting Station Location Evaluation System (RSLES): A Summary Report
NPS-SW-00-001 Luqi System Engineering and Evolution Decision Support Interin Progress Report (01/01/2000-09/30/2000)
NPS-SW-00-002 Luqi Engineering Automation for Reliable Software Interim Progress Report (10/01/1999-09/30/2000)