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Naval Postgraduate School Research Board

Professor Jeffrey D. Paduan, Vice President and Dean of Research
Executive Director

Deborah Buettner, Director, Research and Sponsored Programs Office (Non-voting Member)

School of International Graduate Studies

Professor Clay Moltz National Security Affairs

Graduate School of Operational and Information Sciences

Assistant Professor Robert Beverly Computer Science
Assistant Professor Bradley Strawser Defense Analysis
Professor Alexander Bordetsky Information Sciences
Associate Professor Johannes Royset Operations Research
Research Assistant Professor Duane Davis Cyber Academic Group

Graduate School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Professor Phil Pace Electrical and Computer Engineering
Professor Pante Stanica Applied Mathematics
Professor Claudia Luhrs Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Professor Qing Wang Meteorology
Associate Professor Timour Radko Oceanography
Assistant Professor Joe Hooper Physics
Professor Alexander Bordetsky Space Systems Academic Group
Associate Professor Robert Harney Systems Engineering
  Professor of the Practice Paul Shebalin   Wayne E. Meyer Institute of Systems Engineering
Professor Clyde Scandrett Undersea Warfare Academic Group

Graduate School of Business and Public Policy

Associate Professor Geraldo Ferrer Graduate School of Business and Public Policy
Professor Frank Barrett Global Public Policy Academic Group
Associate Professor Eva Regnier Defense Resources Management Institute

Institute/Other Representatives

Professor of Practice George Dinolt Cebrowski Institute
Military Faculty LTC David Morgan The Modeling, Virtual Environments, and Simulation (MOVES) Institute

Faculty Council Representatives

Research Professor Wieslaw Maslowski Oceanography
Research Associate Professor Amela Sadagic MOVES Institute
Research Professor Steven Hall MOVES Institute