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NWDC/CRUSER Warfare Innovation Workshop
23-26 September 2013

This NWDC/CRUSER sponsored Warfare Innovation Workshop (WIW) is scheduled for 23-26 September 2013 as a Naval Postgraduate School Enrichment Week activity to explore distributing future naval air and surface force capabilities.

Background: The first NPS Innovation Seminar supported the CNO sponsored Leveraging the Undersea Environment war game in February 2009. Since that time, warfare innovation workshops have been requested by various sponsors to address self-propelled semi-submersibles, maritime irregular challenges, undersea weapons concepts and unmanned systems concepts generation. Participants in these workshops involved junior officers from NPS and the fleet, early career engineers from Navy laboratories, and CNO Strategic Studies Group (SSG) Director Fellows.

Purpose: Within a South China Sea A2AD environment generate concepts of employment for the distributed air wing concept, employing unmanned systems from various launch platforms in independent, and in coordination with traditional CVN/CVW assets. Consider modified LCS designs with greater offensive power to integrate with aviation assets.

Workshop Design: This NWDC/CRUSER WIW will take advantage of the innovation lessons learned in previous workshops and will be designed to include the following:

  1. Knowledge leveling briefs, followed by team break outs for two days of concept generation; and ending with a morning of final briefs to NWDC, the NPS Chair of Warfare Innovation, and CRUSER leadership.
  2. Workshop is open to all U.S. NPS students - all curriculums, all services.
  3. A special Robo-Ethics Continuing Education Series (RECES) panel discussion facilitated by NPS Defense Analysis Associate Professor Bradley Strawser.

Download the NWDC/CRUSER Warfare Innovation Workshop Fact Sheet for infomration.

CRUSER Warfare Innovation Workshop Video


  • Monday, 23 SEPT
    • Workshop - 0830-1600
    • Robo-Ethics Continuing Education Series - 1300-1500
  • Tuesday, 24 SEPT
    • Workshop - 0830-1500
  • Wednesday, 25 SEPT
    • Workshop - 0830-1500
  • Thurs, 26 SEPT
    • Final Outbriefs - 0830-1200

To register, please contact Lyla Englehorn (laengleh@nps.edu)

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