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Your reviews will be conducted in the STBL or SCIF. As soon as you have three chapters written and formatted, e-mail thesisdraft@nps.edu to make a format-review appointment. When your thesis has been signed, please make a second appointment with your processor for the final review.

  1. Special Abstract with Unclassified Text (use if abstract and title are not classified)

    Special Abstract with Classified Text
    (use if abstract and/or title are classified)
  2. Source Document Record
  3. Release Form (download from Thesis Processing website)
  4. Final Draft Checklist for SIPR User (use only if you are a Distance Learning student)
    Final Draft Checklist for JWICS User (use only if you are a Distance Learning student)




  1. Arial Font 
  2. Times Font
*The templates are also stored on the STBL website and in the SCIF's thesis folder.

DoD Marking Manual



Marking Guidance – excerpted from DoD Manual 5200.01.

A paper may be marked as “For Official Use Only” (FOUO) only when it contains information that falls under one or more of the nine exemptions outlined in the excerpt above.

FOUO is a control statement that is independent from the distribution statement on the cover page of your thesis. In other words, FOUO is separate from, and in addition to, the distribution statement.

If your paper contains FOUO information, portion mark with "(FOUO)" only the applicable paragraphs, headings, images, and captions. Your thesis processor may then proceed with inserting the internal banner lines as needed. This marking guidance is outlined in Section C of the excerpt above.

NOTES: If marking a heading as (FOUO), ensure that the heading text as it stands on its own does, indeed, require protection (a portion mark applies only to the portion it immediately precedes). In other words, the mark does not serve to portend that the entire chapter or subsection carries the same protection; each applicable paragraph, caption, image, or subheading that contains FOUO information still must be portion marked.

Images and tables and their captions are treated as separate portion marks. It is possible for a table to be FOUO, while its caption is not, and vice versa.