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Issue: Vol. 3, #3 - Fall 2009

The Culture & Conflict Review is an online peer-review journal produced by the Program for Culture & Conflict Studies, bringing you analysis of current events, policy, operations, and human terrain in South and Central Asia as well as other regions of the world. Premised on the belief that the United States must understand the culture and human terrain of other nations and peoples, we offer commentary and analysis on issues of current interest to policy makers, military commanders, academics, and the general public. We are particularly interested in issues addressing culture, anthropology, regional and identity politics, and the contemporary role of U.S. forces in areas of conflict. New issues of The Culture & Conflict Review are published on a quarterly basis.

Welcome to The Culture & Conflict Review

Welcome to the Fall 2009 edition of The Culture and Conflict Review. The Program for Culture & Conflict Studies has been fully engaged over the past few months delivering cutting-edge research on pressing issues in Afghanistan as attention to the war continues to rise, and as the Obama Administration continues its deliberations on our strategic policies.

In this edition of the Review, we are proud to present a diverse set of new articles, as well as some recent news coverage of our ongoing efforts to shed light on the nexus of culture and conflict in South Asia. This edition's articles focus on factors of tactical, operational and strategic importance in the South Asia arena. As always, we welcome your comments, suggestions and articles for future editions. This quarter’s articles include the following:

We also present a news report on the recent Afghan Theatre Conference, held recently at NPS:

As our work continues, we are gratified to see interest in our efforts is also on the rise, with some recent media coverage to a very wide audience, including our participation on CNN's Amanpour, NPR's All Things Considered, PBS' NewsHour, and KQED Radio's Forum with Michael Krasny.

We are also both pleased and honored to present some of CCS's very best student theses, a new feature that we will continue in future editions of our journal:

Afghanistan is facing the daunting challenge of creating a stable, all inclusive and democratically based government that will be viewed as legitimate among all ethnic, social and religious groups. The focus of this thesis is on ethnic fragmentation, nationalism, and social structure, as they relate to state formation and democratic development. Four former Afghan regimes are examined and used as case studies in this effort. Specifically, these regimes are analyzed in order to determine how each attempted to overcome cleavages within society during the process of state formation. The case study findings are then used to assess the current attempt to build a democratic Afghanistan. The thesis concludes with an assessment for success of the current Afghan government and presents recommendations for increasing the overall probability for Afghan democratic development and national cohesion.

We hope you enjoy our latest edition of the Review. Our next edition will be published in early 2010.

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