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About CCSCCS Logo

The Program for Culture & Conflict Studies (CCS) conducts research in support of United States initiatives in Afghanistan.  Our research provides comprehensive assessments of provincial and district tribal and clan networks in Afghanistan, anthropological assessments of Afghan villages, and assessments of the operational culture of Afghan districts and villages. 

Under the direction of NPS Research Professor Thomas H. Johnson and coordination withf the Department of National Security Affairs, CCS provides information and assessments to military personnel, academics, and the general public since 2007.  Faculty members regularly hold conferences, workshops and briefs to deploying troops, as part of the Regional Security Education Program (RSEP) and Leadership Development & Education for Sustained Peace (LDESP).

CCS Research

CCS Staff research a variety of topics to include:

  • Provincial, district, tribal and clan analysis;
  • Anthropological assessments of Afghan human terrain;
  • Security and political analysis of Afghanistan;
  • Development and reconstruction studies on Afghanistan;

We strive to provide current and reliable information on people, places and events in Afghanistan; however, due to the fluid nature of politics and human dynamics in Afghanistan, at times our information may become outdated or not reflective of recent changes. Since we consider this site a living document and always in need of further development, your assistance in this endeavor is greatly appreciated. Please send us your feedback, questions, or requests on our Comments Page

For information on reproduction of CCS material, please view our Attribution Request.

Please review our Note on spelling for commonly referenced words.

Faculty and Staff Positions

CCS Presentations

In order to encourage continued study and appreciation for the development of Afghanistan, Iraq, and other developing nations, the Program for Culture & Conflict Studies conducts regular seminars and presentations to academic institutions, government and non-government organizations, and foreign associations. We routinely speak at Leadership Development & Education for Sustained Peace (LDESP) forums and brief deploying troops, as part of the Regional Security Education Program (RSEP). CCS disseminates its research in a variety of ways:

  • Direct response to request for information (RFI) from Mission Commanders and Provincial Reconstruction Teams in Afghanistan and Iraq;
  • Cultural briefings to deploying units;
  • Workshops and conferences;
  • Academic online journal: The Culture & Conflict Review;
  • Open-source cultural research;
  • Provincial Gazetteer, Overviews, and Factsheets.

Material contained herein is made available for the purpose of peer review and discussion and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Department of the Navy or the Department of Defense.

To contact us about our program:  ccsinfo@nps.edu or if you would like to contact Professor Thomas H. Johnson: thjohnso@nps.edu