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Logistics Management

Transportation Management (Curriculum 814)
Supply Chain Management (Curriculum 819)
Material Logistics Support (Curriculum 827)

The Logistics Management curricula are interdisciplinary, integrating mathematics, accounting, economics, management theory, operations analysis, and the specialty concentration into an understanding of the process by which the defense mission is accomplished. The curricula are designed to provide the officer with fundamental interdisciplinary techniques of quantitative problem-solving methods, operations management, behavioral and management science, economic analysis, and financial management. Furthermore, they are intended to provide the officer with a Navy/Defense Systems-oriented graduate management education and to provide the officer with the specific functional skills required to effectively manage in these subspecialty areas.

The objective of these curricula is to prepare officers for naval logistics system positions. The Logistics Management curricula emphasize all of the aspects for providing integrated logistics support of military systems. Skills resulting from the curricula will prepare those responsible for managing the various segments of a military system's life cycle from initial planning for support to fielding the system, through sustaining operations to phase out. These curricula additionally emphasize the management of military owned inventories at the three levels of wholesale, intermediate and retail customer support, and worldwide transportation and distribution systems.

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