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GPPAG delivers broad-based, inter-disciplinary, research-informed education programs investigating the interaction of globalization and U.S. national security, in support of the United States National Security Strategy, the National Defense Strategy, the National Strategy for Homeland Defense, and the Navy's Maritime Strategy. Learn more...

GP3100 Global Change & International Governance Course January 2013

Participants will critically examine and evaluate different “lifeworld" perspectives in the realms of global power structures and shared global risks in order to acquire a purposeful integration for future application in responding to unanticipated and disruptive changes posed by globalization. 

Course is taught by Dr. Walter Christman and open to all NPS students. 

Current Projects
  • Recognizing Patterns of Anomie that Set the Conditions for Insurgency

GPPAG faculty are drawn from across a range of fields, including economics, organizational behavior, international affairs, sociology, political science, and public affairs. Learn more...


Featured Guests
Visit by Rajiv Chandrasekaran
Tuesday 27 November 2012

Rajiv Chandrasekaran is an assistant managing editor with the Washington Post. He is also the author of Imperial Life in the Emerald City. In 2004, he was the Post's bureau chief in Baghdad. He has also been the Post's Cairo bureau chief and a correspondent for the Post in southeast Asia.
While visiting NPS, he will take some time to speak to the students of GPPAG's SSDCO graduate certificate program. Other activities will include participating in a roundtable discussion with faculty and having lunch with a small group of SSDCO students. Mr. Chandrasekaran will also be the SGL speaker, addressing the NPS student body in King Hall from 1500-1600.Bio (PDF)












Events and Programs

The Global Public Policy Academic Group hosts numerous research-informed education events and programs. Learn more...


The Global Public Policy Academic Group pioneers work at the intersection of globalization and security, incorporating new social science research on human behavior, finance, and institutions in conversation with natural science and engineering work on energy, health, and climate change.  Learn more... 

Recent Publications
  • Augier, M.( 2013). Thinking about war and peace: Andrew Marshall and the early development of the intellectual foundations for net assessment. Comparative Strategy 32 (1): (1–17).
  • Augier, M. & Guo, J. (2012). Geopolitics and garbage cans: Understanding the essence of decision making in an interdisciplinary and psycho-cultural perspective. In A. Lomi and R. Harrison (Eds.), The garbage can model of organizational choice: Looking forward at forty. Research in the sociology of organizations (Vol 36).
  • Augier, M. & Knudsen, T. (2012). The architecture and management of knowledge in organizations. In R. Arena, A. Festre, & N. Lazaric (Eds.), The handbook of economics and knowledge. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar.
Christman, W. L. (Forthcoming). Framing NATO's Engagement with China: Relationality and Partnership. New York: SUNY Press.
Christman, W. L. & Leventhal, M. (Eds.). (Forthcoming). Toward a Global Partnership: How Global Challenges Make Global Solutions. New York: SUNY Press.

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