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Entrance into the Meteorology and Physical Oceanography curriculum (373) requires an APC  of 323.  This code requires a baccalaureate degree with a GPA of 2.20 or higher, a calculus sequence, and a calculus-based physics sequence, earning a C+ or better average in these courses. Further details on APC can be found by following the link: APC

Students who do not meet this requirement may request a waiver, but waivers are not usually granted due to the technical requirements of the degree.  It is recommended you complete a calculus course and calculus-based physics course prior to requesting to attend NPS.

Please go to http://www.nps.edu/admissions/ApplyOnline.html for guidance on how to request an APC calculation.

There are refresher math courses for students who have not taken calculus courses in over five years.  If it has been five years or less, you can reduce your program by one quarter, starting out in the higher level math courses.

Entry Dates

The standard entry dates for the 373 curriculum are March and September.  If the math refresher is not needed, students can start in June and January