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Mechanical & Astronautical Engineering - Distinguished Faculty & Alumni
Rear Admiral Timothy V. Flynn III, USN

Rear Admiral Timothy V. Flynn III, USN
NPS Class of 1993
Mechanical Engineering

"I encourage all Naval Officers to obtain a technical graduate degree from the Naval Postgraduate School. I earned a Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering at NPS and have frequently drawn on the analytical thinking and technical problem-solving skills honed during the academic course work and under the mentorship of the world-class faculty. Unlike civilian graduate schools, NPS enables its students to focus their research on actual warfighter challenges that have a direct impact on our national security. The sub-specialty earned at NPS will enable the graduate to make an even greater contribution to our Navy and Nation in the future. I am extremely grateful for the opportunities that my NPS education provided and most strongly recommend pursuing a technical master's degree at NPS during the first shore assignment."