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Gate Access, Parking & Security

NPS Vehicle Pass & ID Office

Gate Access and Services

The Vehicle Pass and ID Office, located outside the Sloat Main Gate, is open throughout the day for temporary passes, decals and BIDS Cards. 

Services are located at the Sloat Main Gate:

  • Please contact the office at 656-3477 or 3643
  • Mon-Fri 0700-1130 and 1200-1500

Gate Operations

  • Sloat Main Gate: 24/7
  • Del-Monte Gate: 0700-0830 and will remain closed at all other times.
  • FNMOC Annex Gate: 24/7

Gates hours and operations are subject to change at any time due to Force Protection needs.


Gate Access Procedures

  1. Sponsor has guest fill out and return SECNAV form. Personally Identifiable Information MUST be secured, if transmitted electronically. Encryption (via network) or AMRDEC SAFE can be used.
  2. Sponsor completes NSAM Gate Access form.
  3. Sponsor sends encrypted to (or Cc (or; (or
  4. Gate Access will notify that request has been received and is being processed. Recommend sponsor check back in three (3) business days for status.
  5. NOTE: If guests have already been vetted, just fill out and submit the NSAM Gate Access form. Only the last four digits SSN# required for verification.

The most reliable method to ensure the guest(s) is (are) granted access to the installation is to escort them on personally. Regardless of access type, sponsors are completely responsible for the actions of their guest(s) at all times.

Visit the NSD website for more information about guest access.

Gate Access Forms 

The Trusted Agent Is in Effect

United States Military Active and their dependents, Retired military and Civil Service members who possess valid DoD identification cards are Trusted Agents.

A Trusted Agent and all occupants in the Trusted Agent's automobile can enter the base if the Trusted Agent shows a valid DoD ID card at an NPS gate or if they escort them via a pedestrian gate. Occupants in a Trusted Agent's automobile or walking aboard with a Trusted Agent do not have to sign in at the gate, but must stay with their sponsor at all times.

All other gate access policies remain in place. Again, Trusted Agent applies only to U.S. Active duty and their dependents/retired military, Reservist and Civil service employees with U.S. DoD ID cards. Contractors and international members of the NPS community are not Trusted Agents and will continue to use established gate access procedures to accommodate visitors.

NOTE: The U.S. Military or U.S. Civil Service member is to escort visitors/guests at all times until the visitors/guests leave the installation.

Important Parking Information

If you receive a ticket for traffic or parking violation at the Naval Support Activity or tenant Commands ( NPS,FNMOC,NRL), you have three (3) business days from when citation was issued to fill out a Customer Complaint form (forms located at the Police Dept) to have your case heard before the citation is sent to the Central Violation Center in Atlanta, GA for processing. Please direct all of your questions to the Deputy Chief of Police at the NSA-Monterey Police Department at 656-3862 or by e-mail.

Pedestrian Turnstile

The pedestrian turnstile is open 24 hours a day. The turnstile requires a Common Access Card (CAC) programmed for turnstile use.  Reprogramming of CAC cards for turnstile access is available at the Pass and ID office.

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