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Which version of MathType do I use?
If you are using MS Office versions prior to Office 2003, you should use MathType 5.X. Word 2003, Word 2007, and Word 2010 users should be using MathType version 6.X.

Why use MathType and not the Equation Editor in Word?
Word’s equation editor is a scaled down version of MathType. Word’s version will not insert Equation numbers automatically. The advanced functionality of MathType is not available in Word’s version.

Why use MathType and not the Insert, Symbol command in Word?
MathType has more symbols. Using the Insert, Symbol command in Word can cause the symbols to not convert correctly to PDF:

  1. The symbol(s) could turn into a “?” mark, or a “?” or a “?”
  2. The symbol ß, for example, could turn into a B
  3. The symbol(s) could disappear completely

How do I fix my MathType equations when Word crashes and the equations are converted to pictures and can no longer be edited?
Open the thesis in a previous version of MathType, which currently is MathType 4.0 (please contact the TAC at X1046 for assistance). When Word 2003, Word 2007 and Word 2010, crashes, there is the option to select which file to recover. ALWAYS select the original version so as to preserve the equations in their original format.

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