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Spouses, significant others, dates, or friends are cordially invited as well, we want to extend them an opportunity to  participate in this, usually unit-only, tradition.  
Due to the size of the venue and expected turnout, we have set up the system to accept a max of one guest per service-member, for now.  
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EVENT DATE: 11 July 2014
ATTIRE:  Marines: Dress Blue Bravos, with ribbons, shooting badges, AND COVER; Other services: equivalent; Civilians: semi-formal but appropriate for outdoor venue with uneven ground.
COMMUNITY GUEST NOMINATION DEADLINE: 19 May 2014. To nominate a guest use the form at the end of the registration page; if you have already registered, use this link.
TIME:  1700
PLACE:  Monterey Customs House and Memory Garden
ADDRESS:  20 Customs House Plaza, Monterey, CA 93940
TICKET PRICES:  $60. CHECKS ONLY, payable to: "Marine Corps Activities Fund" or "MCAF."  Please  drop checks off in the Ammo Can in Room 116 of Herrmann Hall, the Marine Office.

A Brief History of Sloat's Landing

On 2 July 1846, Commodore John D. Sloat on board the frigate Savannah arrived at Monterey Bay California.  Always a cautious man, Commodore Sloat first made a formal call on the port officials; then, after a discussion with Larkin, he at last agreed to the capture of the town.  

Early on the morning of 7 July 1846, four Navy officers went ashore at Monterey and demanded the surrender of the town.  A few hours later 250 sailors and Marines landed at Monterey under the command of Captain William Mervine, the 85 Marines who landed with the bluejackets were commanded by Captain Ward Marston.  

Landing at 10 in the morning, the forces formed and marched to the Custom House.  Having met with no resistance, Captain Mervine then decided that established custom demanded that the Mexican Flag be lowered and the American flag raised before this act became official.  The sailors returned on board the ship leaving a detachment of Marines under Lieutenant Maddox to garrison Monterey.

Monterey was firmly in American hands.  Follow this link for more information.



Your presence is requested to celebrate the first annual Marines of NPS Dining Out in honor of the amphibious landing of Commodore Sloat's contingent of Marines and Sailors 168 years ago.  As a part of this event, we will also be retiring LtCol Gregory Flaherty after many years of honorable service in the Marine Corps.  

The Dining Out registration includes the option of both accepting and declining the invitation, your RSVP is appreciated.  The final price of the tickets is $60, the purchase of tickets must be made by check.  If you have a guest from the local community that you would like to host at your table, for example a retired Marine and their spouse, or a local leader, please nominate them using the form at the end of the registration page or by emailing the organizing committee.  

The evening will begin at the Customs House in front of Fisherman's Wharf with a brief retirement formation and the raising of a historic flag, followed by a cocktail hour.  Toward the end of the hour, Officer's Call will be played and we will move to the Memory Garden at the back of the Pacific House Museum where the Mess will convene for dinner and revelry.

The website is designed to provide our public invitees with the most current information for the Dining Out.  As this event approaches, students and guests will be able to find information regarding the event here.  We are confident that this will be a very enjoyable, memorable, and fitting way to honor the unique local history Marines and Sailors have with Monterey, and to honor LtCol Flaherty's decades of service.  We look forward to seeing you there!

~Semper Fidelis,

Mitchell McCarthy
President of the Mess
Colonel           USMC

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