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Leave Procedures

Note: Complete Step 1 concurrently with Steps 2 and 3. Do not wait for approval of your electronic request to miss muster (Step 1) before submitting your leave form (Step 2) and MOL request (Step 3).

  1. Fill out and submit the Leave/Liberty/TDY Check Out Form. If approved, you will receive an email authorizing you to miss muster. If you do not receive this email, you are not authorized to take leave/liberty/tdy.
  2. Click on Leave Form to open. For Permissive TAD, open the PTAD Form .
    1. Fill out the appropriate blocks on the Leave or PTAD Form. Click on shaded blocks to make entries. Click in the boxes to add an "X."
    2. Save your Leave/PTAD Form on your computer using a different name. Send it as an attachment to .
    3. Your approved leave/PTAD request will be forwarded to the Marine Corps Representative via e-mail within two working days. You will not be included on this message.
    4. Your request will be recorded and forwarded onto the Marine Corps Detachment at DLI for processing.
  3. Submit a Leave or PTAD Request on Marine Online (MOL) to DLI via CWO2 Kretz.  Ensure to courtesy copy LtCol Flaherty in your Leave/PTAD request.
  4. Sign out and in from Leave/PTAD via MOL.

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