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NEX Online Bookstore
  1. Student goes to (intranet) and clicks on a link to the NPS online book store. This link goes to the customer log-in/validation page on
    NPS Bookstore Logo
  2. Customer enters their last 4 digits of their SSN and date of birth to authenticate. If they have already established a customer username and password for our site, they enter that instead.

  3. Customer is authenticated as an authorized shopper and goes to the welcome screen.

  4. Customer selects "Shop the Online Shopping Mall"

  5. Customer is directed to the Online Shopping Mall. Customer scrolls down to the listing for the NPS Online book store (not shown in the example below). It will be identified by this icon and copy.

  6. As the official online bookstore for the Naval Postgraduate School, Specialty Books offers students easy one-stop shopping for all textbooks and course material needs. NPS students are assured of receiving the right book and edition (based on Python information), prompt and inexpensive shipping, easy returns, and outstanding customer service.

  7. Customer clicks on the icon and is directed to the NPS online book store by Specialty Books. Customer may then order books.

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