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NPS FY98 Technical Reports

Report Number Author Title
NPS-64-98-001 Boynton, Vaughan Defining Organizational Measures for NAESU
NPS-CS-98-002 Irvine, Shockley Roundhouse: A Security Architecture for Active Networks
NPS-EC-98-002 Cristi, Tummala, France, Jr. Algorithms for LORAN-C Time Difference Error Minimization
NPS-EC-98-003 Jenn, Pace Symmetrical Number System Phase Sampled Interferometer Direction Finding Antennas
NPS-EC-98-004 Tummala, Midwood A Fuzzy Associative Data Fusion Algorithm for VTS
NPS-EC-98-005 Hippenstiel, Fargues, Khalil Processing of Second Order Statistics via Wavelet Transforms
NPS-EC-98-007 Smith, Adler, Lott Scintillation Prediction and Geolocation at Low Latitudes
NPS-EC-98-008 Jenn Performance Evaluation of Antennas Installed on a Joint Standoff Weapon (JSOW) Captive Air Training Missile (CATM)
NPS-EC-98-009 Pace, Powers Photonic Sampling of RF and Microwave Signals
NPS-EC-98-010 Smith Low Latitude Ionospheric Effects on Radiowave Propagation
NPS-EC-98-012 Levien, Buczynski IMOM Field Test Study and Accuracy Verification
NPS-EC-98-014 Kakavas, Ha, Garcia The Military Applications of MEO and ICO Commercial Satellite Systems
NPS-EC-98-015 Hutchins, Dunham Evaluation and Extensions of the Probabilistic Multi-Hypothesis Tracking Algorithm to Cluttered Environments
NPS-EC-98-016 Knorr, Neta Signal Processing for Aperture Antenna Beam Compression
NPS-FC-98-001 Gates, Maruyama, Powers, Rosenthal, Cooper A Bottom-Up Assessment of Navy Flagship Schools: The NPS Faculty Critique of CNA's Report
NPS-IW-98-001 Rogers, II (Thesis) Modeling the Effects of Information Operations on an Adversary Decision-Maker (U)
NPS-IW-98-003 Hinton (Thesis) Windows NT 4.0 Security for IT-21
NPS-IW-98-004 Ward (Thesis) Computer Network Research in the Windows NT Environment (U)
NPS-IW-98-005 Marsh (Thesis) Influence Modeling State-Terrorism for Information Operations (U)
NPS-MA-98-001 Russak, Jayachandran Removal of the Assumption Damage Aggregation to an Area Target from a Salvo of N Weapons
NPS-MA-98-002 Scandrett Fluid Structure Interactions
NPS-MA-98-003 Neta Parallel Version of Special Perturbations Orbit Propagator
NPS-ME-98-001 Oesterreich, Shin Transient Analysis of the 72 Inch TAC-4 Ruggedized Rack (CLIN 0003AA) Subjected to Simulated Shock Loading
NPS-ME-98-002 Oglesby, Shin ATB Program and Its Applications to Biodynamic Response Simulation of Underwater Explosion Events
NPS-ME-98-003 Calvan, Harney A Short Take-Off Vertical Landing (STOVL) Aircraft Carrier (S-CVX)
NPS-ME-98-004 Melvin AUV Fault Detection Using Model Based Observer Residuals
NPS-ME-98-005 McDermott, Kwon Development of a Shell Element with Pressure Variation Through the Thickness - Part II
NPS-MR-98-001 Bannister, Boothe, Carr, Elsberry Southern Hemisphere Application of the Systematic Approach to Tropical Cyclone Track Forecasting. Part I: Environmental Structure Characteristics
NPS-MR-98-002 Carr, Elsberry, Boothe Condensed and Updated Version of the Systematic Approach Meteorological Knowledge Base Western North Pacific
NPS-MR-98-003 Nielsen, Durkee Analysis of Contrails and Ship Tracks from Geostationary and Polar Orbiting Weather Satellites
NPS-MR-98-004 Bannister, Boothe, Carr, Elsberry Southern Hemisphere Application of the Systematic Approach to Tropical Cyclone Track Forecasting. Part II: Climatology and Refinement of Meteorological Knowledge Base
NPS-OC-98-001 Harcourt, Jiang, Garwood Numerical Simulation of Drifter Response to Labrador Sea Convection
NPS-OC-98-002PR C. Chiu, Denner Report on the Office of Naval Research International Workshop on Shallow Water Acoustics San Francisco, CA, 8-9 December 1997
NPS-OC-98-003 Bryan A Wind-Forced Modeling Study of the Canary Current System from 30 Degrees N to 42.5 Degrees N
NPS-OC-98-005PR C. Chiu, Denner Report on the Office of Naval Research Phase II International Workshop on Shallow-Water Acoustics, Seattle, June 27, 1998
NPS-OR-98-001 Gaver, Jacobs Analytical Models for Battlespace Information Operations (BAT_IO) Part 1
NPS-OR-98-002 Gaver, Jacobs Assessing and Controlling the Availability of Failure-Degraded Service Agents
NPS-OR-98-003 Jacobs, Gaver Human Factors Influencing Decision Making
NPS-OR-98-004 Baker, Rosenthal A Cascade Approach for Staircase Linear Programs
NPS-OR-98-005 Gaver, Jacobs Suppression of Enemy Air Defense (SEAD) as an Information Duel
NPS-OR-98-006 Kerman, Brown, Dell Optimally Reorganizing Navy Shore Infrastructure
NPS-SM-98-003 Suchan, Crawford Factors that Create Learner Engagement in network-Based Instruction
NPS-UW-98-001 Scandrett, Baker T-matrix Approach to Array Modeling