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NPS FY97 Technical Reports

Report Number Author Title
NPS-CS-97-001 Hensgen, Kidd A Software Architecture to Support Adaptive Applications that Share Resources
NPS-CS-97-002 Irvine, Stempt, Warren Teaching Introductory Computer at a Department of Defense University
NPS-CS-97-003 Irvine, Shiu-Kai, Chin, Frincke An Information Security Education Initiative for Engineering and Computer Science
NPS-EC-97-001 Fargues, Bennet, Barsanti Classification of Ocean Acoustic Data Using AR Modeling & Wavelet Transforms
NPS-EC-97-002 Wadsworth Anti-Jam Communication Performance Model for Navy Link-4C
NPS-EC-97-003 Moose Generating and Demodulating
NPS-EC-97-004 H.M.Lee, C.K. Yu A Theorem of Anisotropic Absorbers
NPS-EC-97-005 Fargues, Bennett, Hippenstiel Wavelet-Based Denosing of Transients
NPS-EC-97-006 Vincent, Adler, Myers EMI Leakage into the Radio Frequency Distribution System of a Receiving Site
NPS-EC-97-007 Moose Generating and Demodulating Mary CPFSK Using the FFT
NPS-EC-97-008 Knorr Numerical and Experimental Responses for the OUTBOARD DF Antennas on the DD963 Spruance Destroyer
NPS-EC-97-009 Hutchins Assessment of the Probabilistic Multi-Hypothesis Algorithm with Extensions to Cluttered Environments
NPS-EC-97-010 Lee Foreign APAR Survey and Analysis (II)
NPS-EC-97-011 Fontes, Therrien Performance Analysis of the Filter with Applications to Underwater Acoustic Signals
NPS-EC-97-012 Pace, Zulaica Automatic Extraction of Threat Simulator Critical Parameters Matlab Toolbox
NPS-EC-97-015 Butler, Sasao On the Properties of Multiple-Valued Functions that are Symmetric In Both Variable Values and Labels
NPS-EC-97-016 Jenn Computer Modeling Techniques for Array Antennas on Complex Structures
NPS-MA-97-001 Neta, Vallado On Satellite Umbra/Penumbra Entry & Exit Positions
NPS-MA-97-002 Rasmussen, Carroll A Partial Ordering of the Chordal Graphs
NPS-MA-97-003 Jayachandran, Russak Assessment of Damage Aggregation for Weapons Salvos
NPS-MA-97-004 Hersey Showcase of Subroutines in True Basic
NPS-MA-97-005 Danielson, Kihl Buckling of Ship Grillages - Part II
NPS-MA-97-006 Middlebrook, Mansager, Borges A Combat Simulation Analysis of Autonomous Legged Underwater Vehicles
NPS-MA-97-007 Mansager, Pearman, Larimer Janus Version 6.0 Tutorial
NPS-ME-97-001 Hurni Development of an On-Line Failure Mode Detection and Resolution Algorithm for the Phoenix AUV
NPS-ME-97-003 Thorne Asynchronous data Fusion for AUV Navigation Using Extended Kalman Filtering
NPS-ME-97-004 M. Lee, Y.S. Shin Modal Analysis of a GA Superconducting Magnet Subsystem for ALISS
NPS-ME-97-005 Oesterreich, Shin Modal Analysis of the 72 Inch TAC-4 Ruggedized Rack (CLIN 0003AA)
NPS-ME-97-006 Kwon Development of a Shell Element with Pressure Variation through the Thickness
NPS-ME-97-007 Kwon, Muschek, King Evaluation of the Mechanical Properties of Countermine Boots
NPS-ME-97-008 Starr Multiple Autonomous Vehicles for Minefield Reconnaissance and Mapping
NPS-OC-97-001 Chiu, Denner Report of the Office of Naval Research USA-China Conference on Shallow Water Acoustics, December 19-21, 1995
NPS-OC-97-002 Rago, Collins, Steger Hydrographic Data Along the California Coast for Pigeon Point to Cape San Martin
NPS-OC-97-003 Harcourt, Jiang, Garwood Numerical Simulation of Drifter Response to Labrador Sea Convection
NPS-OC-97-004 Buch Wind-Forced Modeling Studies Currents, Meanders, Eddies, and Filaments of the Canary Current System
NPS-OC-97-005 Vance Modeling Studies of Wind and Thermohaline Forcing on the California Current System
NPS-OC-97-006 Rago, Locke, Collins An Atlas of the Hydrographic Stations Off Point Sur, California April 1988-April 1991
NPS-OC-97-007 Monroe A Large-Scale Modeling Study of the California Current System
NPS-OC-97-008 Baltz Ten Years of Hydrographic Variability Off Central California During the Upwelling Season
NPS-OR-97-005PR Washburn Stochastic Features in Iceberg Project Report to the International Ice Patrol
NPS-OR-97-006 Read The Use of Survival Analysis in the Prediction of Attrition in Large Scale Personnel Flow Models
NPS-OR-97-009 Gaver, Jacobs Testing or Fault-Finding for Reliability Growth: A Missile Destructive-Test Example
NPS-OR-97-010 Schrady Logistics Infrastructure and Combat Sustainability
NPS-OR-97-011PR Brown, Lawphonpanich, Looney Forward Engagement Requirements for U.S. Naval Forces: New Analytical Approaches
NPS-OR-97-012 Gaver, Jacobs, Fries Prediction of Changeover Performance: Operational Test (OT) Parameters from Developmental Test (DT) Parameters via Meta Analysis
NPS-OR-97-013 Read Reliability Estimation Based Upon Test Plan Results
NPS-OR-97-014 Gaver, Jacobs Probability Models for Battle Damage Assessment (Simple Shoot Look-Shoot and Beyond)
NPS-OR-97-015 Gaver, Jacobs Methodology for an Operationally-Based Length Decision
NPS-OR-97-017 Larson Classification Trees and the Analysis of Helicopter Vibration Data
NPS-OR-97-018 Gaver, Jacobs Stochastic and Deterministic Models of Targeting, with Dynamic and Error-Prone BDA
NPS-OR-97-019 Buttrey, Bradley Dynamic, Interactive Statistical Research Papers on the Web
NPS-PH-97-001 Moises, Navarro Ocean Wave Data Analysis Using Hilbert Transform Techniques
NPS-PH-97-002 Baker Results of Vibration Measurements on the Phalanx Block 1B Prototype Electro-Optical Imager Subsystem: Test Configuration
NPS-SM-97-001 Kamel, Baden, Evers, Hehe Analysis, Design, and Prototype Implementation of a Contemporary Information System for the Marine Corps Institute
NPS-SM-97-002 Schneidewind, Heineman Software Reliability Engineering Process Modeling for a Single Process
NPS-SM-97-003 Schneidewind Data Collection Demonstration and Software Reliability Modeling for a Multi-Functional Distributed System
NPS-SM-97-004 Schneidewind Integration of Software Metrics with Quality and Reliability
NPS-SM-97-005 Norman, Schneidewind Schneidewind Software Reliability & Metrics Model Tool List
NPS-SM-97-006 Kamel, Baden, Evers, Hehe Analysis, Design, and Prototype Implementation of a Contemproary Information System for the Marine Corps Institute