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NPS FY04 Technical Reports

Report Number Author(s) Title
NPS-97-04-001 Higgins, Higgs, Parkins, Tionquiao, Wells Expedionary Warfare - Force Protection
NPS-CS-04-001 Michael, Rowe, Auguston, Drusinsky, Rothstein, Wingfield Phase II Report on Intelligent Software Deoys: Intelligent Software Decoy Tools for Cyber Counterintelligence and Security Coutermeasures
NPS-CS-04-005 Wingfield, Michael An Introduction to Legal Aspects of Operations in Cyberspace
NPS-CS-04-006 Michael, Voas, Linger Proceedings of the Center for National Software Studies Workshop on Trustworthy Software
NPS-GSBPP-04-001 McCafferey Analysis of Systems Used to Budget for Homeland Security
NPS-GSBPP-04-002 McCafferey, Jones Reform of Program Budgeting in the Department of Defence
NPS-GSBPP-04-005 Crawford, Thomas, Estrada Best Practices at Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps Units
NPS-GSBPP-04-006 Franck Business Case Analysis ans Contractor vs. Organic Support: A First-Principles View
NPS-GSBPP-04-008 Hocover, Jansen, Thomas Building Collaborative Capacity for Homeland Security
NPS-IS-04-001 Schacher, Dailey, Looney, Saylor, Jensen, Osmundson, Gallup SJFHQ Simulation
NPS-MA-04-001 Canright A Very Compact Rijndael S-box
NPS-MAE-04-004 Park
A Study on the Transient Response of a Stepped Column Subjected to an Impact Load
NPS-MAE-04-005 Driels
Determinatining the Number of Iterations for Monte Carlo Simulations of Weapon Effectiveness
NPS-OC-04-001 Miller
San Clemente Island Undersea Range Acoustic Experiment, July 2002
NPS-OR-04-001 Sameron, Wood, Baldick, UT, Austin Optimizing Electrical Grid Design Under Asymmetric Threat (II)
NPS-OR-04-002 Brown, Dell, Newman Optimization-Based Military Capital Planning
NPS-OR-04-003 Gottfried, Woolsey Unmanned Vehicle Distributed Sensor Management and Information Exchange Demonstration
NPS-OR-04-004 Read Computation Support for the Study of Lifetime Distribution Characteristics
NPS-OR-04-005 Glazebrook, Mitchell, Gaver, Jacobs The Analysis of Shooting Problems via Generalised Bandits
NPS-OR-04-006 Gaver, Jacobs, Bullock, Simons Models for Transmission and Control of Bioterroristic Epidemics
NPS-OR-04-007 Bradley Network and Graph Markup Language (NaGML) - Data File Formats
NPS-OR-04-008 McCauley, Matsangas Human Systems Integration and Automation Issues in Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
NPS-OR-04-009 Berner, Gonen, Han, Monfore, Soon OR Modeling of a Conceptual System of Systems for Marine Littoral Dominance in 2020