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NPS FY03 Technical Reports

Report Number Author(s) Title
NPS-CRC-03-001 Jenn Plasma Antennas: Survey of Techniques and the Current State of the Art
NPS-CS-03-001 Michael, Rowe, Rothstein, Auguston, Drusinsky, Riehle Phase I Report on Intelligent Software Decoys: Technical Feasibility and Institutional Issues in the Context of Homeland Security
NPS-CS-03-002 Gaines NAVSUP Hosting Requirements and Service Level Agreements
NPS-CS-03-003 Clark, Levin, Irvine Execution Policies Research and Implementation
NPS-CS-03-004 Nguyen, Levin Policy Enforced Remote Login
NPS-CS-03-005 Dinolt, Irvine, Levin Emergency Response For Cyber Infrastructure Management
NPS-CS-03-006 Caffall, Michael Developing Highly Predictable Systems Behavior in Real-Time Battle-Management Software
NPS-CS-03-007 Michael, Pace, Shing, Tummala, Babbitt, Miklaski, Weller Test and Evaluation of the Ballistic Missile Defense System
NPS-EC-03-001 Ziomek The Modeling of Bistatic Scattering With Moving Platforms
NPS-GSBPP-03-002 Nissen, Jansen, Jones, Thomas Contextual Criticality of Knowledge-Flow Dynamics: The Tragedy of Friendly Fire
NPS-GSBPP-03-003 Dillard Centralized Control of Defense Acquistition Programs: A Comparative Review of the Framework from 1987 - 2003
NPS-GSBPP-03-004 Boudreau Reduction of Total Ownership Cost
NPS-GSBPP-03-005 Hatch II, Ohanian Ship's Officer Staffing Guide: Report of Findings and Recommendations
NPS-ME-03-001 Calvano, Papoulias, Harney, Ashton, Warnock, Fodrea, Alvarez, Korkut, Savur, Chong, Miller, Steeno, Higgins, Boulares, Teh "Sea Force", A Sea Basing Platform
NPS-ME-03-003 Shin, Ham Damping Modeling Strategy For Naval Ship System
NPS-ME-03-004 Schneider, Shin Ship Shock Trial Modeling and Simulation of USS Winston S. Churchill (DDG 81)
NPS-MR-03-001 Davidson, Kaminer, Miller, Dobrokhodov Demonstration of Linked UAV Observations and Atmospheric Model Predictions in Chem.Bio Attack Response
NPS-OR-03-001 Buss, Halwachs Applicability Assessment for Maritime Operations Simulation (MarOpsSim) - Phase II
NPS-OR-03-002 Salmeron, Wood, Baldick Optimizing Electric Grid Design Under Asymmetric Threat
NPS-OR-03-003-PR Dell, Tarantino How Optimization Supports Army Base Closure and Realignment
NPS-OR-03-005 Gaver, Jacobs, Samorodnitsky Modeling and Analysis of Uncertain Time-Critical Tasking Problems (UTCTP)
NPS-OR-03-006 Buttrey Calling the LP-Solve Linear Program Software from Excel, S-Plus and R
NPS-OR-03-008 Kress Policies for Biodefense Revisited: The Prioritized Vaccination Process for Smallpox
NPS-OR-03-009-PR Carlyle, Brown, Washburn Assessment and Investment Model (AIM)
NPS-SP-03-001 Gruhlke Computer Aided Thermal Analysis of a Technology Demonstration Satellite (NPSAT1)
NPS-SP-03-002 Schmidt NPSAT1 Attitude Control Subsystem Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation
NPS-97-03-002 Schacher, Gallup ASOCC Demonstration - System Evaluation for NCIS Use
NPS-97-03-003 Schacher, Gallup Seventh Fleet Post Exercise Fleet Battle Experiment Kilo Fires Initiative Final Report
NPS-97-03-004 Schacher, Gallup, Jensen Fleet Battle Experiment Juliet Final Summary Report
NPS-97-03-005 Gallup, Schacher, Jensen Fleet Battle Experiment Juliet Final Reconstruction and Analysis Report
NPS-97-03-006 Schacher, Pilnick, Irvine, Gallup Seventh Fleet Field Training Exercise Fleet Battle Experiment Kilo Fires Initiatives Final Report
NPS-97-03-007 Schacher, Gallup ASOCC Capabilities to Meet MTAC Current and Future Requirements