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Robo-Ethics: Rhetoric vs Reality - A Symposium for the warfighter
25-26 January 2012
Pentagon Conference Center - Room B6
(DoD Only)

Panel Three - Reciprocity: Worth Killing For vs. Worth Dying For

Thursday, 26 January 2012, 1100 - 1300

The reciprocity of risk in armed conflict is rooted in the ancient tradition of chivalry and knightly combat. But when one side of a conflict employs technology the other cannot, how might this affect the moral and ethical choices of the disadvantaged side? Or, to employ more inflammatory rhetoric, what does it mean politically and culturally when, as Washington Post editorialist George Will has asked, "something worth killing for is not worth dying for"? This topic receives substantial, if not substantive, attention in media and will be the focus of the panel. The question: Might gross disparities between combatant capabilities affect parties' decisions regarding jus in bello and if so, what effect may this have upon policy?

Professor Wayne P. Hughes, Captain, USN (ret) is Professor of Practice in the Department of Operations Research in the Graduate School of Operational and Informational Sciences at the Naval Postgraduate School. Professor Hughes is the author of five books, notably including Fleet Tactics: Theory and Practice (1986), which in its revised edition examined how the introduction of missiles affected strategic planning and tactical operations.

Professor Jack Nicholson, PhD, PE, Captain, USN, is Associate Chairman and Permanent Military Professor in the Department of Weapons and Systems Engineering at the U.S. Naval Academy. He is a qualified Submariner, Nuclear Engineer and the founder of the Naval Academy's unmanned underwater vehicle program (UUV).

Mr. Mark P. Dankel in a consultant in the National Security Institute (NSI) at the Naval Postgraduate School. His primary focus is upon recovering, building and maintaining institutional and operational integrity in the defense, maritime and security agencies of transitioning and developing nations. In 2002, he retired as the SES regional special agent-in-charge from the Department of Homeland Security. Over the past ten years he has been sent to 36 nations to conduct assessments and provide recommendations to the senior leadership of host governments on issues related to internal security.

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