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More NPS Accomplishments

Gary Kildall, the inventor of the world’s first standard operating system for microcomputers, CP/M, taught computer science at NPS and helped to engineer the personal computer revolution. Michael Swaine, editor-at-large for Dr. Dobbs Journal, provides detailed perspective of this period of discovery and innovation at http://www.gaby.de/ekildall.htm.

Prof. Norm Schneidewind is a world leader in software reliability modeling and the developer of a model used by the Naval Surface Warfare Center for Trident and Tomahawk software reliability prediction and by NASA for prediction of space shuttle software reliability. Prof. Schneidewind received the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers "Reliability Engineer of the Year" award in 2001, and the Schneidewind model is recommended by the American National Standards Institute. Refer the to the University of Southern California's Marshall School for a brief biography.

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers presented its Fluids Engineering Award, the most prestigious award conferred by ASME upon an individual, to Prof. Turgut Sarpkaya in 1990 for pioneering work in computational fluid dynamics. Prof. Sarpkaya’s groundbreaking research contributed to Navy operations and the development of codes and methodologies for flow-field analysis in commercial aerospace systems.