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IRB Application Packages

Forms and templates provided below.

Initial Review Application Package. Includes the following:

  • IRB Application Form - signed by PI
  • Scientific Review Form - signed by dept. Chair (signed by the Dean if in GSBPP)
  • Conflict of Interest Form - signed by PI and each member of the research team
  • CITI Ethics Training Completion Report
  • Recruitment script (if appropriate)
  • All questionnaires, interview questions, or other materials to be used (if appropriate)
  • Consent document(s) and/or waiver
  • Copy of approved research proposal
  • Organizational approval to conduct research from subjects command

Protocol Amendment Package. Includes the following:

  • Amendment Form - signed by PI
  • Copy of any revised documents (consent form, data collection tools, recruitment script, etc.).
  • CITI Ethics Training Completion Report for any additional researchers

Continuing Review Package. Includes the following:

  • Continuing Review Form - signed by PI

Closing Research Protocol. Includes the following:

  • End of Experiment Report Form - signed by PI
  • Copy of de-identified data
  • Copy of all signed informed consent forms

IRB Forms and Documents


Form Name


Initial Review Application

Request approval of research involving human subjects

Amendment Form

Modify approved research

Continuing Review Form

Extend IRB approval

Consent Templates

Form Name


Standard Informed Consent

Signed informed consent form

Survey Consent

Online surveys

Oral Consent Template


Consent Waivers

Form Name


Waiver of Documented Consent

Waive requirement to obtain signature on consent form

Waiver or Alteration of Consent

Waive entire consent process or waive individual elements of informed consent

Misc. Forms

Form Name


Scientific Review Form


Conflict of Interest Form


End of Experiment Form

Required at approval expiration to close research protocol

Unanticipated Problems & Serious Adverse Events

Report problems and adverse events with your research to the IRB

IRB Ethics Training

CITI Registration Instructions

Training is required for each member of the research team who will have access to data or will interact with subjects.

IRB Review Agreements & Assurance Coverage

Form Name


Individual Investigator Agreement (IIA)

Used when co-investigator is not covered by a Federal Wide Assurance (FWA) with a DOD Addendum.

Institutional Agreement for IRB Review (IAIR)

Used to name one IRB the IRB of record when research is covered under multiple IRBs.

Please submit signed IRB Applications to Mrs. Rikki Nguyen in HA-206. All questions and comments concerning the IRB can be emailed to ranguyen@nps.edu or lgshattu@nps.edu.