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NPS Export Control - Shipping Export Control Materials

An export is the transfer or transmission of any hardware (equipment or material), software (commercial or NPS-developed ), or technology (technical data or information) to any non-U.S. person or entity inside or outside of the U.S. by any means (direct hand-over, shipment, visual, or verbal transfer). The requestor should determine if there is an export control issue. For example: What is the ultimate end-use of the item? Where is it going? Who will receive it? What else does the end-user do?

Use of the Export commodity code - Does the item need to be export control reviewed?

When shipping an item or information that is export controlled, the KFS requisition needs to include the EXPORT commodity code. Once labeled as an EXPORT, the requisition will be routed to Capt Rod Abbott or Jane Barreto for review and approval, along with the standard set of financial approvals within the requisition process.