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mobiAFG for BlackBerry

Introducing mobiAFG

The Program of Culture and Conflict Studies (CCS) is proud to expand its online offerings by making a modified version of its extensive data sets and reports accessible on BlackBerry devices but without the need for any Internet connection. mobiAFG for the BlackBerry is a stripped-down version of the Naval Postgraduate School’s Program for Culture & Conflict Studies (CCS) website.  Its intended use is to give in-theater personnel the ability to access the multitude of resources available on the CCS site on a mobile device even when an Internet connection is unavailable. 

mobiAFG was built using the BlackBerry Widget SDK 1.0 Beta 3 and supports BlackBerry devices running OS version 5.0 or higher.  As this is a web-based application, there is no expected requirement to modify the underlying program architecture of mobiAFG aside from the content itself.  All content for the program is stored on the BlackBerry device’s SD card.

mobiAFG will require a two-part download process:

1.  Click here to download the mobiAFG application.

2.  Click here to download the mobiAFG content files.

3. To ensure the latest version is sent to your BlackBerry, please register for updates to mobiAFG by sending an email to: ccsinfo@nps.edu with the subject line mobiAFG subscription. This service is completely free and will only send refreshed upgrades when the database is significantly altered/updated.

Installation Instructions

A.  Unzip the four files contained in the mobiAFG application download (mobiAFG_prog.zip). 

B.  Then run the BlackBerry Desktop Manager (v5.0.1 or higher), click on Application Loader, then Add/Remove Applications.

C.  Browse to the folder where you unzipped mobiAFG_prog.zip, click Next, and then Finish to install the program. 

D.  In addition to installing the program through the Desktop Manager, you must install the mobiAFG content folder (as contained in mobiAFG_cnt.zip) onto your SD card on the BlackBerry device.  The mobiAFG folder contained in mobiAFG_cnt.zip must be unzipped or copied over to the same default directory as audiobooks, documents, music, etc. (See Figure 1 below.)  It is recommended that you unzip the contents of mobiAFG_cnt.zip to your hard drive and copy these unzipped files over as opposed to copying over the contents directly from the zip file itself.

Figure 1

Figure 1


1.  If you encounter a pop-up screen similar to Figure 2 while copying the contents of the zip file, click on “Yes to All.”

Figure 2

Figure 2

2.  If a user receives a file reading error similar to Figure 3 when copying or unzipping the contents of mobiAFG_cnt.zip onto the SD card, the user should try copying over the affected files/folders contained in mobiAFG_cnt.zip individually. 

Figure 3

Figure 3