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Greta E. Marlatt

Library Liaison

Greta E. Marlatt is the Information Services Manager of the Dudley Knox Library. She serves as the Library's liaison for a variety of schools, departments, and centers, including: the School of International Graduate Studies, the National Security Affairs Department, the Center for Contemporary Conflict, the Center for Civil Military Relations, the Center for Homeland Defense and Security, the Center for Stabilization & Reconstruction, the Defense Resource Management Institute, the International Graduate Programs Office, the on Terrorism and Irregular Warfare, the Center for Information Systems Security Studies and Research, and JPME/Naval War College. She has a Masters of Library Science from the University of Arizona (1989) and an MA in National Security Studies from California State University, San Bernardino (1995).

Ms. Marlatt has written a couple of articles including one on "Researching the Vietnam Conflict Through U.S. Archival Sources" (1995). She has also compiled a number of bibliographies: Bibliography of Professional Military Education; Chemical, Biological, and Nuclear Terrorism/Warfare: A Bibliography; Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs): A Bibliography; Information Warfare & Information Operations (IW/IO): A Bibliography; Intelligence and Policy-Making: A Bibliography; and Sea Mines & Countermeasures: A Bibliography. These bibliographies are available on the Library's bibliographies page.

Material contained herein is made available for the purpose of peer review and discussion and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Department of the Navy or the Department of Defense.

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