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Remote Access Information

Step-by-step instructions for using the proxy server are available on our Remote Access: Getting Started page.

The Library purchases and provides access to a large number of electronically based commercial information resources. These purchased resources involve software licenses, copyright restrictions and other contractual agreements that require that they be restricted to a specific "valid" group of users. This group is limited to NPS faculty, staff and students (or in the case of our alumni proxy service, to alumni whose status has been verified as such). These databases are noted by a small NPS logo on the Library's web site. 

If you are in the library or using a computer from anywhere within the confines of NPS or connected to the NPS network via the VPN, you will, in most cases, have automatic access to these resources. If you are trying to access us from anywhere off the NPS network, you will need to have a proxy server account.

Authentication via the proxy server requires a user name, usually the same as your network account name, and the PIN assigned by the Library and noted on the back of your Library card.

If you do not have a library card and you are an NPS faculty or staff member or are a current student, or if you forgot your login and password information, contact the Library's Circulation Desk or 831-656-2947. 

If you are alumni with no current library account, please complete the Alumni Access Request form.

For technical questions about connecting to or accessing licensed databases via the proxy server contact the Library Systems Office at

For reference or research questions or help using specific resources, please contact the Research Assistance Desk at or 831-656-2485 or try the appropriate Library Liaison.

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