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Library Services for Faculty

This page provides links to information and resources designed to support the instruction and research efforts of Naval Postgraduate School faculty members. Faculty members are encouraged to contact the Library Liaison assigned to their respective departments for current information about our collections, specialized instruction and to arrange for research consultation. 

Support for your Research:
     Calhoun, the NPS Institutional Archive and Your Work
     Be Notified When Your Published Work is Cited
     Copyright at NPS
     Remote Access: Working From Your Office
Suggest a Library Purchase
     Library Liaisons

Instructional Support in Your Classroom
     Integrating Library Resources and Services Into Your CLE Course (Sakai)
     Plagiarism Prevention:

Keeping Current:
      Research Alerts
      Book Reviews from Choice Reviews Online

RefWorks: a Web-based alternative to EndNote/ProCite

More Useful Information about the Library

Support for your Research

Research Assistance means we'll work with you. Our Research Assistance page outlines the options for reference and library instruction services at Dudley Knox Library. We encourage you to contact your subject library liaison to arrange for one-on-one consultation and assistance with library resources and services.

Calhoun, the NPS Institutional Archive and Your Work

Calhoun is the name of the NPS Institutional Archive, or Repository. is made for searching, sharing and downloading the scholarly, instructional and institutional publications and research products of the NPS community. Members of the NPS community are invited to contribute completed scholarship for long-term preservation and worldwide electronic accessibility. We can assist you in submitting your contributions. See the current submission policy. More about Calhoun.

Be Notified When Your Published Work is Cited

A recently-launched service from Elsevier will keep you apprised of references to your published work. CiteAlert is a free service for notifying authors when one of their papers is cited by an Elsevier journal. A caveat: CiteAlert notes only citations to articles published since 2005 and only in journals indexed by Scopus. (More from Open Access News, here.)

  Remote Access: working from your office:

Databases available through the library
Connecting from home

Copyright Information
Library Copyright Notice
Copyright Resources Webpage

Borrowing from other libraries - online form:
Book or Journal Article Request Form

Suggesting a library purchase:

The library collection is a dynamic entity, and we value the input of our users to keep it strong and relevant.  

To suggest a book purchase, please let us know about it by using this form.
To suggest journals you'd like to see added to the collection, please contact your Library Liaison.


See our Collection Development policy.

Copyright at NPS

See the  page on Copyright at NPS, written to provide faculty, staff, and students at NPS with an understanding of copyright law and fair use as it applies to the NPS research community.

Library Liaisons

Find your librarian. Library Liaisons are librarians with assigned subject collection development responsibilities. Library liaisons select books and materials to build the library's collections, as well as evaluate and plan for its future development. They also conduct library instruction and act as liaison to the faculty in their areas of subject responsibility. Librarians are available for in-depth library research assistance.
   Find your Library Liaisons here.

Instructional Support in Your Classroom

We make house calls. The library offers course-integrated library instruction that focuses on the specific skills needed for class assignments. You may schedule an instructional session for your class by contacting your Library Liaison or the Research Assistance and Instruction Manager at x7732. We also offer a regular schedule of library instruction throughout the year, including 50-minute sessions on Searching the Deep Web, using electronic resources such as LexisNexis, DTIC's STINET and CSA resources.  These sessions are usually (although not always) at the noon hour, and are offered in the library's room 151, a computer lab setting.
See our library workshops page.

Integrating Library Resources and Services Into Your CLE Course (Sakai) 

You can incorporate library resources and services into your CLE (Collaborative Learning Environment) course.

ITACS offers this page for Sakai Courses:
NPS Sakai Collaborate Learning Environment Support page.


Plagiarism Prevention:

NPS has acquired a site license for to a  Plagiarism Prevention service called  This is a web-based service that allows instructors to submit student papers for review.  The service uses search technology that checks papers against both current and archived internet content; the TURNITIN database of previously submitted papers; and commercial pages from books, newspapers, and journals.  A detailed report is returned to the instructor with the search results.  The report identifies any matches found between submitted papers and searched material.

For more information, read the NPS Intranet message located here:


What you need to know to place readings on reserve for student use.

Reserve Request Form

Learn More about Placing Items on Reserve 

Keeping Current with Research Alerts

Through its subscriptions to electronic databases, the library provides access to Research Alert services. Alert services enable researchers to receive updates on recent research, especially recently published journal articles. These services are free to faculty and other NPS users, and usually require that you provide an email address and create a password to login.

Find Out More About Research Alerts.

Book Reviews from Choice Reviews Online

Choice Reviews is the online version of Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries. It is an excellent source for reviews of academic books, electronic media, and Internet resources of interest to those in higher education. Access is available here: and as a resource on the Library's Search Databases page.


RefWorks: a Web-based alternative to EndNote/ProCite

The Dudley Knox Library has purchased an institutional subscription to RefWorks, a web-based bibliography and reference citation manager. RefWorks allows users to create personal citation databases by importing references from online databases. RefWorks features also facilitate manuscript preparation, allowing for automatic formatting of the paper and its bibliography.

RefWorks is similar in function to bibliographic management software products such as EndNote, Reference Manager, and ProCite, and citations from these programs can be easily imported into RefWorks. RefWorks differs in that personal databases are stored on the RefWorks server and can be accessed through the Dudley Knox Library institutional account from wherever the user happens to be. There is no charge for use to Naval Postgraduate School faculty and students.

Learn More About RefWorks

Access RefWorks and sign up for a RefWorks account.
Take a RefWorks Workshop  

More Useful Information About the Library

Library Hours
Circulation Policy
Interlibrary Loan
• Library Information for Distance Learning
Library Staff Directory
Restricted Resources

•  Floor Maps of the Library
•  FAQ about the Library's Facilities
•  FAQ about the Library Catalog (BOSUN)
•  Library Collection Development Policy

The Dudley Knox Library offers a Flash orientation designed to give both resident and distance students a introduction to the resources in the library. If you would like to find out more about the library, or would like to assess the utility of the orientation for your own students, you can see it here: here.

This and other useful information about searching the library's electronic resources is located on our Research HELP page, here:

We look forward to working with you.

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