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Appropriate Behavior and Use of Equipment Policy

This Facility is a library and as such is a place for study and research. Its contents and equipment are official U.S. Government property. We therefore ask all library patrons to keep the following in mind:
  • Your noise level should not disturb the research and studying of others. Our first floor and the study room and conference room areas on the second floor are considered moderately quiet to allow for collaborative group work.  Our quiet study area is located on the East side of the second floor on either side of the main elevator.
  • The library facility and its property and equipment, including computers, copiers and printers, are to be handled with care and respect.
  • Default settings on our computers (monitors and hard drives), printers and other peripherals are not to be changed.
  • Equipment problems and malfunctions should be immediately reported to library staff. Library patrons should not attempt to fix equipment problems themselves.
  • Printer and photocopying jobs that are unrelated to the NPS mission, academic or Federal Depository research are not appropriate.
  • Library computers should not be used for video games, recreational chat, the downloading of non-NPS mission critical audio or video files, or any other use which prevents others from using the computers for research and Federal Depository purposes.
  • The 30 minute time limit on the public computers should be observed so that others may use the machines. Individuals who are not using the public computers for academic, research or Federal Depository purposes may be asked to surrender their workstation to a patron who needs it for such purposes, even if the person has not used the computer for a full 30 minutes.
  • There are computers reserved solely for searching BOSUN, our online catalog. People using BOSUN computers for other purposes may be asked to give up their machine if it is needed by someone wishing to access BOSUN.
  • Reserving a computer for more than 10 minutes by “locking” the screen or leaving personal belongings at a computer station to make it look occupied is not appropriate.
  • Individuals who deface, damage or destroy library property may be asked to repair or replace the item. Further abuse may result in a loss of library privileges.

Dudley Knox Library policy regarding children's behavior and their use of equipment within the library

The Dudley Knox Library welcomes children of all ages. We request that parents and guardians keep the following in mind:

  • Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied and supervised at all times by an adult. The library staff is not responsible for the supervision of children of any age.
  • Children should not disturb the studying and research of others. If such disturbances continue despite staff requests to modify the behavior, library staff has the right to ask disruptive children and their parents or guardians to leave the building.
  • Adults accompanying young children should ensure that they understand that computers, printers, furniture, and other library equipment and property are not toys. Misuse of these items can cause them to become damaged, or may injure the child.
Revised: 07/30/2014

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