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Truncators and Wildcards By Database


The truncation symbol expands a search term to include all forms of the root or stem of a word. You can use only one truncator in a word.

Searching for terror* will find the words terror, terrorist, and terrorism.


The wildcard symbol stands in for one character in a word. You can use more than one wildcard in a word.

Searching for defen?e will find defense and defence

Truncator and Wildcard Symbols Used By Individual Databases

DatabaseTruncatorWild Card
ACM Digital Library*?
Air University Library Index to Military Periodicals?n/a
Bibliography of Asian Studiesinherentn/a
BOSUN the Online Catalog$?
Congressional Universe!*
CQ Researcher*?
CQ Weekly*?
Declassified Documents Reference System Online* ? required
 $ optional
Digital National Security Archive*?
DTIC's STINET Documents On-Line Home Page*n/a
Emerald Fulltextcheck boxn/a
Government Periodicals Universe!*
IEEE/IEE Electronic Library Online  (IEEE Xplore)*?
Jane's Onlineinherent? single character
 * multi-character
LexisNexis Academic!*
Policy Central*n/a
Project Muse*n/a
Web of Science*?
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