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Finding Articles at Dudley Knox Library

The Library Web site provides access to research materials not available on the free Internet.   If you need indexes to journal articles, conference proceedings or other information not on the free Internet, you may wish to use a subscription database from our collection.  These databases have been chosen for their relevance to NPS research.  You can access electronically published materials, such as articles, from a database,  or from the electronically published journals themselves.

This page outlines some basic things to know about finding articles, both in print, and electronically.

1. Finding the right tools

Ask a librarian to recommend an database (or index) that best suits your research topic. Databases, the tools used to identify literature on a topic, can be accessed through the library web site. These resources are listed alphabetically and are also organized by subject. Other indexes in paper form are part of the library's Reference collection located on the library's first floor. See the Library's Search Article Databases page to see the list of which databases the library subscribes to.

2. Reading an article citation

When we speak of a citation, we mean the basic information that stands for an item.  This is an example of an article citation:

Wright, N., & McGown, A. (2001). Vigilance on the civil flight deck: Incidence of sleepiness and sleep during long-haul flights and associated changes in physiological parameters. Ergonomics,44(1), 82-106.

What it means:

Author Wright, N.; McGowan, A.
Title of Article Vigilance on the civil flight deck:Incidence of sleepiness and sleep during long-haul flights and associated changes in physiological parameters
Title of Journal Ergonomics

Date of publication
 Jan 2001

Volume, Issue, pages
 Vol 44, 1, pp. 82-106


3. Ask yourself: does our library own the journal ("periodical") you need?

Answering this simple question can be confusing when you consider that content comes to the library from a variety of publishers and databases in both paper and electronic format.  

Luckily, the library provides a useful feature built into the library's website which can resolve these kinds of questions quickly.  To find out quickly if we have a journal in any format, from any source, click "Find Journal Titles from the homepage.  You will be linked to an electronic form.  Enter the journal title and click GO.  Links to vendors and sources for the journal you are looking for will be displayed.

If the library has no electronic content for a journal, you will be given an opportunity to search the library catalog for paper copies.  If we really don't have a journal in any form, It may be ordered via Interlibrary Loan.  A link to that service will be provided as well.   Find out more.

Using the library catalog to find information about  journals:

Journals, magazines and newspapers are often referred to as "periodicals", in library catalogs.  To find out if Dudley Knox Library has a subscription to  the periodical named in your citation, use our library's catalog to search for the periodical title you want.   


Do we own the periodical Ergonomics?  Do a "periodical title search" in BOSUN to find out.

The library does subscribe to Ergonomics.  (Note "1 copy available in PERIODICAL" in the catalog record.)*   The call number is E888, shown at the top of the record.

4. Do we own the issue of the journal you need?

Once you have located the record for the journal you need, click on "Details" to check the "Holdings" (in blue) listed at the center of the screen. ("Holdings" are the issues the library owns.) You will see dates that represent the issues in our collection. Look at the "Location" at the bottom of the screen. That will tell you if we have issues in print and/or electronic format. If the location reads "PERIODICAL", you may find print issues filed under the journal's call number on the library's 2nd floor. (Pre-1970 issues are in the basement.) Note that you may see both locations: sometimes journals are published in both formats.

 If the location reads, "ELECTRONIC RESOURCE", click the blue "Catalog Record" tab to find  a link to the electronic journal directly from the catalog record.

5. No electronic access?  Make a note of the call number

If the library catalog shows no access to an electronic version of the journal you need, make a note of the call number, in this case "E888".  That number is used to locate the paper version of the item, on a shelf.


6. Locate the article

Check the call number against a floor map of the library  to find out where to look for the item  on the library's 1st floor. When you reach the shelving area for periodicals, use the call number to find Ergonomics.  Select the volume given in the citation (v. 44), turn to the page given in the citation (p. 82-106) and you will find your article.

Revised: 06/11/2007

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