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English as a Second Language (ESL)

The Naval Postgraduate School has an established on-campus English as a Second Language (ESL) program. We continue to utilize an ESL instructor on staff from DLI (ELC). She is teaching both a speaking and writing course (see course description below). Also she manages an ESL lab which consists of eight workstations and network compatible ESL program software.

IT1600 Communications Skills for International Officers (3)

This is a three-hour a week course that is designed for first quarter officers who need to refresh or improve their speaking and listening skills. Speaking activities include pronunciation practice, impromptu exercises, group discussions, and organized briefings. Reading and writing skills are addressed in the speaking and listening activities. Grammar is not taught, but troublesome constructions will be covered and practiced in exercises. Materials include the use of handouts, audio, video, computer software programs and the Internet.

The ESL Instructor on staff will conduct a speaking and listening proficiency interview with each incoming international student to determine the individual’s need to attend the course.

IT1700 Academic Writing for International Officers (2)

This is a two-hour a week course that is designed for third or fourth quarter students who need academic writing instruction before starting their thesis work. The course focuses on paragraph organization, rhetorical styles, coherent and cohesive forms, troublesome grammatical structures, punctuation, and documentation. Students will write several drafts in the different rhetorical styles as out of class assignments. Writing software programs may be used as a means of self-study for part of the class. Students will maintain a portfolio of drafts for the class.

A student’s writing score from the TOEFL determines the need to attend this course. If the score is 4.5 or under (out of the 6 point scale), a student attends the course.