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Military Housing

The DLIFLC & POM Residential Communities Initiative (RCI) Office is responsible for implementing and completing the RCI program in which the Presidio of Monterey and Navy Housing is to partner with the private sector for the purpose of improving the military family housing community. Program will utilize applicable legislative authorities and the provisions of the Army's Residential Communities Initiative (RCI) Program. Presidio of Monterey's family housing privatization effort promotes quality, first class housing communities encompassing the natural beauty of the Monterey Peninsula, which are achievable within the military member's housing allowance (BAH).

Presidio of Monterey proposed to convey to the selected private partner beneficial occupancy of its entire inventory of 1,675 family housing units, 593 family housing units at NPS/La Mesa and lease the land on which the existing units are located and additional lands for new and replacement construction. In exchange, the partner will provide replacement housing, community amenities, new construction, demolition, long-term operation, management and maintenance, and rehabilitation of existing family housing. This conveyance will be for a fifty-year period with a twenty-five year renewal clause.

POM RCI Office is responsible for the implementation, and all program planning, policies and procedures for the complex transition of our current Army Family Housing inventory, including maintenance and management responsibility to the private sector developer. This highly complex process involves development of a comprehensive Community Development Management Plan, including a Development Plan, Financial Plan, and Transition Plan, which involves economic architectural, and engineering analysis and reviews.

Program Manager 242-7979
Project Manager 242-7973
Family Support/Public Relations 242-7984
RCI Project Coordinator (NAVY) 242-7974
Construction Representative 242-7705
Management/Program Analyst 242-7708
RCI Project Assistant 242-7679

Phone Numbers: DSN 768-3816 / COM 831-656-7848