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Page updated 7 May 2009.

See LMRA Communicator for
LMRA Meeting Minutes and Annoucements

La Mesa Residents Association (LMRA)
The LMRA is an advocacy group of dedicated volunteer residents who address questions, concerns and problems faced by those living in the La Mesa Village housing area. Each of the five neighborhoods in La Mesa Village has a few representatives who attend LMRA meetings and speak for their neighborhoods. The role of the Representative is to bring forth neighborhood issues of concern, address problems, and distribute information to the residents. LMRA membership is open to all residents and is not restricted to the active duty military member.

Please submit any issues and concerns to your neighborhood representative directly, or to LMRA@nps.edu if you aren't sure about how to contact your rep.  Please include all relevant facts, the problem's impact on you, your desired resolution, and a point of contact.

Meeting Times and Location
LMRA meetings are conducted on the second Wednesday of each month at 6 pm at the La Mesa Village Community Center (Conference Room 1). The meetings are open to all residents of La Mesa.  These meetings are designed to provide helpful community information, liaison with Clark-Pinnacle, RCI, and Police, and to keep leadership connected to its families residing within LMV.

LMRA is in direct contact with representatives from Housing, ROICC, Public Works, Fire and Police (to name a few) to voice concerns and discuss issues impacting our housing community.

We are always looking for volunteers!
Want to make your community a better place to live? Join us! Please contact the LMRA Chair if you are interested.

Residents are always welcome to attend or send comments (positive and negative) to our email: LMRA@nps.edu.

Additional Information:
Announcements and meeting minutes are posted on the LMRA Communicator.
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For more information about LMRA representative responsibilities click LMRA Rep Duties.
For more information about LMRA partners click Partners.