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Page updated 11 Sep 2009.

The LMRA Communicator

LMRA Meeting Minutes



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September 2008



Town Hall Meeting Minutes
6 May 2009

New Announcements:

  • Several playgrounds will be replaced or renovated over the next several months. Click here to see a map of which playgrounds will be improved.

Wherry Grove, Pineview, La Mesa Cliffs, and Terrace Oaks residents: Your representatives have established email accounts they will use to send you LMRA meeting summaries and other community information. Please send an email to one of the addresses below to register for the email list and receive community information.

Congratulations to Our September Yard of the Month ($10 gift card) Winners!

Capehart Forest

2806 Leahy
La Mesa Cliffs

587F Sampson


392A Ricketts

Terrace Oaks

139 Moreel

Wherry Grove

6021 Halsey

Congratulations to Our 2Q09 Yard of the Quarter ($30 gift card) Winners!

Capehart Forest

8028 Shubrick
La Mesa Cliffs

580B Wilkes


399B Ricketts

Terrace Oaks

129 Moreel

Wherry Grove

1133 Leahy

Community Events for 2009:

  • 23 Sep: Coffee and Donuts @ the Management Office, 0700-1000.
  • 30 Oct: Halloween on the Green Golf Tournament to raise $ for schools.
  • 31 Oct: Safety Spooktacular @ the Community Center, 1200-1600.
  • 20 Nov: Turkey Coloring Contest @ the Ballroom, 1200-1500.
  • 12 Dec: Winter Wonderland.

Recurring Information:


  • 644-0400 or The Pinnacle Family Housing Website
  • Hours of operation for the LMV Self-Help Store. The store is open Mon-Sat 0800-1700.
  • Resident Referral Program. Refer an incoming family to The Parks at Monterey Bay and Pinnacle will pay you $250. The incoming family must mention you as a referral on their first contact with Pinnacle.
  • Pinnacle has a Customer Relations Manager, Dianne Frye. You can call her at 866-508-9585 or email her at dfrye@prmc.com with any customer service issues.
  • Please be aware that it is your personal responsibility to supervise your children.  For their safety, do not allow them to play or ride bicycles and scooters in the street.  Also ensure that they comply with safety regulations by wearing helmets when appropriate.
  • Problems or questions about your electricity bill?  Send and email to minolfeedback@prmc.com to get an answer.  Meters are read on the 26th of each month, and you may keep track of your readings yourself.
  • Practice neighborhood awareness:  know which units are vacant and keep an eye out for any inappropriate activity there.  Report anything suspicious to the La Mesa Management Office at 642-4300 or to the POM Police at 242-7851.
  • Power outages should be reported to Pinnacle Maintenance, not PG&E. Call 333-4343.
  • You can call the Resident Information Hotline at 831-642-4318 for Property Update Recordings, including power outages, construction notices and road closures.
  • Resident responsibility guide (Here)
  • Please also feel free to contact your Residential Communities Initiative Project Coordinator with any questions or issues. Contact Oscar Oscar Ordenez (831) 242-7974 or Gay Rearick at (831) 242-7984.

Presidio of Monterey Police

  • Non-emergency number: 242-7851
  • Going on vacation?  Call the POM PD to have officers check your home while you are gone.
  • Child Supervision Guidelines ("Home Alone Policy") available at NSDMINST 1754.3.
  • Updated information for POM PD: Link


  • www.npsossc.org
  • The Bargain Fair is generally held the 2nd Saturday of March, June, September, and December.  Reserve your spot at the La Mesa thrift shop.
  • Thrift Store Hours: Mondays, Thursdays & the first Saturday of each month 1000-1300. Phone number: 375-0886


Outdoor Recreation at Presidio of Monterey

  • 242-5506 or www.pom-odr.com
  • Going to Tahoe? Check out affordable lodging options.  See website for details.
  • Did you know you can rent outdoor equipment including boats, tents, trailers, scuba gear, kayaks, skis, snowboards and more?  See the website for complete list/prices.

School Liaison Officer for Military Dependants

  • Key Functions of the School Liaison Officer
    • TRANSITION SUPPORT-Helping ease the transition issues for military children as they move to new schools.
    • PARTNERSHIPS IN EDUCATION-Facilitating the partnerships between military units/departments and the local school system.
    • INSTALLATION AND SCHOOL COMMUNICATIONS-Communicating issues involving public schools and the military.
    • HOME SCHOOL LINKAGES-Providing information about Home Schooling in California
    • POST SECONDARY PREPARATION OPPORTUNITIES-Proving information for youth transitioning from high school to work/college.
  • Military School Liaison Officer is Cynthia Rothstein at 831.242.6904 or DSN 768.6904, contact Ms Rothstein for any assistance related to military dependants transitioning the Monterey Penninsula School system.

Local School Information

  • Please drive carefully and watch for children, especially before and after school.
  • POM maintains a high presence during peak school hours (0730-0830 and 1400-1530)
  • Area school information is listed here.  

Dog and Cat Owners

  • Please use the doggie bags provided around La Mesa responsibly.  There have been occasions where someone has removed the entire roll of bags from the dispensers.  Take what you need and leave the rest for other dog walkers.  Thank you!
  • Please keep your dogs on a leash when outside your yard. This is a local ordinance and will be enforced by POM PD.