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Naval Support Activity Monterey Police Department

Updated: 07 June 2011

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I apply for a position with the Base Police Department?

The NSA-Monterey Police Department is constantly striving to recruit ambitious and dedicated men and women to serve as police officers. For more information contact the Human Resources Office at (831) 656-7612, or if you would like to speak with the Deputy Police Chief call (831) 656-3862.

How do I get a copy of an accident report?

Accident reports are available from the Police Dept Investigator, usually within seven to ten working days after the accident. You can get a copy by stopping by Police Dept and fill out an incident request form. Only victims and witness of crimes will be approved to receive copies of reports. Most copies will be sent to you by mail if requested.

What is a Trusted Agent?

United States Military Active duty and their dependents, Retired military, Reservist ,Civil Service and approved DoD contractors members who possess valid DoD identification cards are Trusted Agents.

A Trusted Agent and all occupants in the Trusted Agent's automobile can enter the base if the Trusted Agent shows a valid DoD ID card at an NSA gate .  Occupants in a Trusted Agent's automobile or walking aboard with a Trusted Agent do not have to sign in at the gate.


NOTE: The Trusted agent MUST escort visitors/guests at all times until the visitors/guests leave the installation. 

  United States Military Active duty and their dependents, Retired military, Reservist ,Civil Service and approved DoD contractors members who possess valid DoD identification cards are Trusted Agents.

Non-DoD Contractors (red stripe on CAC card) and international members of the NPS community are not Trusted Agents and will continue to use gate access procedures to accommodate visitors.

RAPID Gate personnel: DO NOT have escort privileges.

How do I add someone to the Gate Access List?

All requests for addition to the Gate Access List must be submitted at least 48 hours in advance to gate access@nps.edu (from a valid NPS.EDU account). Civilian or contractor visitors must have a NPS TRUSTED AGENT sponsor them and take full responsibility for them and their actions.  All received e-mails will be verified by the Base Access List Coordinator, via a telephone call to the person listed as a sponsor. Until such verification is received, the visitor's name will not be added to the Access List. You can make your requests personally at Bldg # 436, Monday -Thursday  0700-1530 hrs

All requests must use the Gate Access Visitor Request Form and include the following information:
1) Full name of sponsor and contact information (Phone Number included)
2) Full name of visitor as it appears on the photo ID
3) Beginning and End Date of Visit
4) Organization/ Affiliation
5) Citizenship


United States Military Active duty and their dependents, Retired military, Reservist ,Civil Service and approved DoD contractors members who possess valid DoD identification cards are Trusted Agents.

NOTE: The Trusted agent MUST escort visitors/guests at all times until the visitors/guests leave the installation.

Naval Postgraduate School NAVPGSCOLINST 5560.5C

Subj:   Naval Postgraduate School Traffic Regulations

This instruction applies to ALL personnel anytime on NSA-Monterey and tenant property.

All non-government owned motor vehicles aboard NSDM and tenant property's will be registered according to the guidance is this instruction.

In order to operate a vehicle on NSA-Monterey, the following is required:

a.         Proof of vehicle ownership/registration

b.         Proof of vehicle insurance

c.         A valid record of motor vehicle safety inspection . (if required)

d.         Possession of a valid State, Overseas command, Host nation or International drivers license

Any questions can be addressed to Det.Eric Glazier at (831) 656-2004

I have questions about registering my vehicle on base?

Call the vehicle registration department at (831) 656-1174 / 3477

Required motorcycle safety gear and equipment!

It is a top priority of the commanding officer to decrease the numbers of motorcycle related fatalities by enforcing the safety requirements set forth in  OPNAVINST 5100.12 (SERIES), NAVY TRAFFIC SAFETY PROGRAM accordingly, you are directed to comply with the requirements set fourth in OPNAVINST 5100.12 (SERIES) prior to operating a motorcycle, both on and off any military installation including the following:




•  Possess a valid motorcycle operator's license or permit.


•  Successfully complete COMNAVSAFECEN-approved motorcycle training, such as the motorcycle safety foundation's basic rider course (BRC).


•  Obtain a DOD registration decal prior to entering a Naval installation in accordance with applicable local instruction.


•  Rear view mirrors mounted on each side of the motorcycle handlebars or the left and right side of a fairing.


•  Complete specialized training before operating ATVS. See OPNAVINST 5100.12 Series for specific requirements.


•  The following Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) MUST BE WORN WHILE OPERATING OR RIDING   a motorcycle either ON or OFF any military installation:


•  A properly fastened (under the chin) protective helmet certified to meet U.S. DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION (DOT) standards.


•  Properly worn eye protective devices (IMPACT OR SHATTER RESISTANT GOGGLES OR FULL-FACE SHIELD PROPERLY ATTACHEDTO THE HELMET). a windshield, fairing or eyeglasses alone are not proper eye protection.


•  Properly worn long-sleeved shirt or jacket, long legged trousers and full-fingered gloves designed for use on a motorcycle. A brightly colored outer upper garment during the day (is recommended) and a reflective upper garment during the night and during inclement weather ( is Mandatory). The outer upper garment shall be clearly visible and not covered by backpacks,etc...  MILITARY UNIFORMS DO NOT MEET THESE CRITERIA.


•  Sturdy footwear is  MANDATORY . LEATHER BOOTS or over the ankle shoes are MANDATORY.


Taxis on Base

Taxi access to NSDM and its tenant property's. The Yellow Cab Company of Monterey (646-1234) has been approved to provide service.

Taxi drivers will not be authorized to roam the installation soliciting fares ,but may be flagged down by pedestrians as they make their transits to and from after dropping off their fares.

ALL taxi cabs will be subject to inspection before entering the installation. Taxi cab drivers are not authorized to charge special fares in exchange for providing service onboard the installation, however it should be expected that the meter will be running during the time spent waiting for and during the inspection. Inspections will be conducted as expediently as possible by install ti on force protection personnel.


I have received several harassing telephone calls lately. I know who is doing it or I want it to stop. What can I do?

An officer can begin a preliminary report and refer it the Criminal Investigator. After the initial report is completed you can provide the report number to the phone company and request a trace or trap. You can sign a waiver to allow the investigator to access your phone records. You must successfully document the phone calls. Caller ID is not the same thing as tracing a call. If you have a Caller ID box, you still must work with the telephone company to trace the calls. Caller ID is not admissible in court.

How do I contact the Base Police Department to report a crime?

During normal duty hours, 0730-1600 hours, M-F, call (831) 656-2555 or 2556. After normal duty hours call (831) 901-6115.

Does your department do fingerprinting for job applications and concealed weapons permits?

No, we only do fingerprinting for applicants who apply for base child services positions. If you have applied for a job with the Child Development Center (CDC), Family Service Center, (FSC), Youth Center or on base home day care, fingerprinting is done by appointment only. Please call 656-2004 for an appointment. (We do not have a live scan)

I filed a report on a crime with your department. I haven't heard from any officer. What is happening with my case?

To check the status of your case, call the Department Investigator at (831) 656-2004 for guidance.

Can you tell me if someone is in jail?

No. The Monterey County Jail is ran by the County Sheriff's Office. After we apprehend someone and they are booked in the jail, the Sheriff's Office is responsible for tracking information about that person. To find out if someone is in jail or what their bond is, call the jail at (831) 775-3782.

How can I protest a parking ticket issued for violating parking regulations?

To protest an Armed Forces Traffic Ticket for parking in violation of Base Regulations please come by the Police dept and speak to Deputy Chief Gardner or call 656-3862, with-in three days of receiving the citation. 

How can I protest a United States Magistrate traffic or parking ticket issued in violation of the California Vehicle Code?

To protest an ticket for parking or moving violations please come by the Police dept and speak to Deputy Chief Gardner or call 656-3862, with in three days of receiving the citation.