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NPS Ethics Training

Initial Ethics Training

Within 90 days of entering duty, all DoD employees shall be required to receive the Initial Ethics Training.

Annual Ethics Training

All DoD employees who file SF 278 or SF 450, orcontracting officers and procurement officials.
At a minimum all Ethics Training will include a review of part I of E.O. 12674 (reference (d)) insubsection 12-100 DoD Directive 5500.7-R, 5 Code of Federal Regulations, Part 2635 (reference(e)) in subsection 2-100 of DoD Directive 5500.7-R.


--Title 5, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 2638, "Office of Government Ethics and ExecutiveAgency Ethics Program Responsibilities," current edition

--Federal acquisition Regulation, Part 3.104, current edition

--Title 41, United States Code, Section 423

--Executive Order 12674, "Principles of Ethical Conduct for Government Officeers andEmployees," April 12, 1989

--Title 5, Code of Ethical Regulations, Part 2635, "Standards of Ethical Conduct for Employeesof the Executive Branch," current edition