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Subspecialty Code Review for Graduate Education

1. What is the Navy Officer Subspecialty System?

  • The Navy Officer Subspecialty System reflects requirements for officers with specialized knowledge and skills in functional areas, and translates these requirements into billet and personnel codes. Subspecialty codes are experience-based or education-based.
  • A subspecialty code is a four-digit code (with one alpha suffix) that defines education/expertise in a certain area.  An officer who is assigned a subspecialty code is eligible for assignment to correspondingly coded billets.
  • Core Skill Requirements (CSRs) specify the skills, traits and experiences an officer must possess to perform in a certain coded-billet.  
  • Educational Skills Requirements (ESRs) define the graduate-level education requirements to meet a subspecialty code’s CSRs. The suffix code “P” is assigned by completing a Master’s degree in an area of study that satisfies the ESRs of that subspecialty code (based on approval from the code’s designated Subject Matter Expert).

2. List of Navy Subspecialty Codes with ESRs and CSRs

3. How does an officer obtain an experience-based Subspecialty Code?

4. How does an officer obtain an education-based Subspecialty Code?

5. Ed Plan Guidance for GEV / Scholarship / VGEP Program Applicants

6. Navy Subspecialty System Handbook  (provides more information on the system)

7. References/websites (not inclusive)

For additional information about Navy Subspecialty Codes, please contact: MILL_PERS45E@NAVY.MIL

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