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PERS 45E handles subspecialty management.  The normal process is to receive the general 'thousand series' SSP (ex: 4000P) code upon graduating with a Master's degree.  If a school is USDE/CHEA accredited, it normally meets the requirements for a general SSP code.  

You can submit an Education SSP code request if you want a specific SSP code (ex: 4400P, 5600, etc.).  Refer to the Educational Skill Requirements (ESRs) of the code that best corresponds to the degree.

Your education SSP code request must include:
- The request letter
- Copy of transcripts (legible copy - not sealed from the registrar)
- Actual Course descriptions only (use your school's catalog)
- E-mail address and/or phone number for questions  

Note: Official transcripts are to be forwarded to PERS45E for entry into the officer's record - if not done prior to this request - to become part of the Official Military Personnel File (OMPF).  

Example of an education SSP code request.

Once you have your package, you may mail/ e-mail a single PDF copy to the PERS 45E office.  PERS 45E will take your request package and farm it out to subject matter experts.  The Subject Matter Experts will then adjudicate within 30 days of receiving your request
MILLINGTON, TN 38055-4500


For degrees earned through a Navy-funded graduate education program (CIVINS, VGEP, Scholarship, etc.), refer to the guidance/instruction pertaining to the program.  It should not normally be necessary to submit the above SSP request to PERS-45E after graduation as Navy-funded Grad Ed programs have procedures for processing SSP codes (since Navy-funded Grad Ed programs require prior approval of an Education Plan (EP) which meets appropriate ESRs.)

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