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Guidance for Applicants of Navy-funded Graduate degrees from civilian schools (including GEV, Scholarships, VGEP)
  • How do I develop my Education Plan (EP)?

OPNAV policy requires that Navy-funded graduate Education Plans (EPs) meet “Educational Skill Requirements” (ESRs) of the requested Navy subspecialty code.  Use the ESRs as your roadmap to determine whether a curriculum will meet the ESRs for a subspecialty code. To the best of your ability, make a ‘crosswalk’ between the proposed coursework and corresponding ESRs.  Refer to the EP template for your program, which as a column for the ESR crosswalk.

  • NPS Review of EP

The Navy’s designated Subject Matter Expert (SME) for each subspecialty code will review EPs related to that area.  If the EP does not sufficiently meet requirements of the ESRs, the applicant will receive feedback as to what coursework should be added to the EP in order to meet the subspecialty requirements.   The EP will be approved if found to sufficiently meet ESR requirements.  

  • Does my EP have to meet every single item on the ESR list?

Generally, most, if not all, ESR items must be met in order to earn a P-code suffix.  Depending on the field of study, a thesis may be required.    An EP that does not meet all ESR requirements might still qualify for a G-code if it satisfies sufficient ESRs based on SME review.  An officer holding either P- or G-coded subspecialty code may be detailed into a corresponding P-coded billet. The Navy places a higher value on the P-code because it meets all, not just some, of the ESRs.  The goal is to develop an EP that satisfies requirements to attain a P-code.

  • What if I change my coursework after my initial EP is approved?

Any modifications to the EP (after approval) must be submitted as a revised EP for SME review to ensure the revised EP still satisfies ESRs.   Your final transcripts will be compared against your most recent approved EP to ensure consistency. If the coursework on your transcripts differs from that of your approved EP, you risk not being awarded the subspecialty code.  Revised EPs are submitted to the same contact/office were the initial EPs.

  • Final Transcript Review for Subspecialty Code:

Graduate transcripts earned from the following Navy-funded graduate education programs should be submitted to their respective Program Managers/Administrators (per program instructions) to request subspecialty code assignment. Official final transcripts (with degree conferred annotated on the transcript) must be sent electronically directly from the university to the appropriate program contact.

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