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Center for Civil-Military Relations

The Center for Civil-Military Relations (CCMR) conducts a vigorous research program, designed to directly foster the education delivered to U.S. and international audiences in support of CCMR's sponsored programs. CCMR's ability to tightly connect research to education ensures that its programs remain at the cutting edge of defense best practices and lessons learned, providing the Center with an unparalleled ability to develop new customized programs to meet emerging sponsor requirements.

Center on Contemporary Conflict

As the research arm of the Department of National Security Affairs, the Center on Contemporary Conflict conducts research on current and emerging security concerns of the United States and its allies.  Projects range from tightly focused queries that engage one or two center members, to broad collaborative efforts that bring in outside experts from the United States, its allies, and other cooperating nations.

Program for Culture & Conflict Studies

The Program for Culture and Conflict Studies (CCS) conducts research in support of United States initiatives in Afghanistan.  Our research provides comprehensive assessments of provincial and district tribal and clan networks in Afghanistan, anthropological assessments of Afghan villages, and assessments of the operational culture of Afghan districts and villages.

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