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The International Defense Acquisition Resource Management (IDARM) program in the School of International Graduate Studies, Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California offers a wide variety of defense acquisition resource management courses to our international partners.

Each course is typically tailored to conform to the governmental structure and national acquisition processes in use in the host nation. Specific consideration is always given to the issue of civilian control of the military services and how defense acquisition processes must support the national security strategy in place within the nation. Our goal is to provide an educational framework within which countries can develop and sustain efficient and effective defense acquisition systems. Typically, IDARM courses run one or two weeks, depending on the subject matter being covered. All courses are taught via Mobile Education Teams (METs) by Naval Postgraduate School faculty, augmented by expert practitioners in the field.

For planning purposes, we have found that a class size of 20-35 works best. Daily class times can be varied according to the customer’s requirements and the demands on the attendees themselves. For example, daily classes which begin at 0830 and end at 1330, with short breaks, can often help to increase course attendance by giving all students the opportunity to return to their offices in the afternoons or attend to other business matters after the class ends each day. Facility requirements are the same as for most in-country METs, and translation of course materials and the need for interpreters can be addressed on a country-by-country basis. When scheduling METs, please use MASL number P309131 (MET) unless otherwise noted.

For those countries who are considering a new IDARM program start, we ask that you contact the IDARM office so that we may work with you on the arrangements for an in-country survey. The in-country survey provides an opportunity to meet with defense acquisition officials and discuss their needs. The result is a tailored program that maximizes the benefit to the host country. Courses are often customized to meet the needs of individual countries. Depending on the country’s needs and the topics selected, a weeklong course may cover only one or two topics; in other cases, the course may deal with upwards of 10-12 separate topics.

The following course descriptions provide a broad list of defense acquisition related subject areas. The courses are arranged in three general career fields: Defense Acquisition and Program Management, Defense Contract/ Procurement Management, and Defense Logistics Management. As is the case with all IDARM programs, the goal is to meet your country requirements to the fullest extent possible. A Certificate of Completion Program is available to recognize participants completing a series of courses over a two year period. 

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