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The NSA department faculty is made up of approximately fifty professors and instructors, drawn from top universities across the country. Every member of the faculty is a specialist in an aspect of security studies, history, political science, economics or in the politics and culture of a specific region. They are deeply involved in cutting-edge academic research that enhances their ability to provide superior, graduate-level education in support of U.S. national security interests.  Faculty pride themselves on being responsive to the evolving needs of research and curricula sponsors, which creates a dynamic and exciting environment for students. Unlike other graduate programs, faculty, not research assistants, teach all classes.

Donald Abenheim, Associate Professor
European history

David Anderson, Senior Lecturer
U.S. Foreign Relations and national security policy

Helen Anderson, Senior Lecturer
Writing Pedagogy; Vietnam War; Chinese History

Naazneen Barma, Assistant Professor
Political economy of development

Anne Marie Baylouny, Associate Professor 
Middle East and North Africa

Thomas C. Bruneau, Professor Emeritus
Civil-military relations; Latin America

Anshu Chatterjee, Lecturer
South Asia

Victoria Clement, Assistant Professor
Central Asia; Turkey

Anne L. Clunan, Associate Professor
Russia; Social psychology

Erik Dahl, Assistant Professor
Security studies; international relations theory

Zachary S. Davis, Visiting Research Professor
Intelligence; WMD proliferation

Ryan Gingeras, Associate Professor
Turkey, Ottoman Empire

Michael Glosny, Assistant Professor
Chinese foreign and security policy

Mohammed M. Hafez, Chairman
Middle East and North Africa

Carolyn Halladay, Senior Lecturer
Central Europe public law

Wade L. Huntley, Senior Lecturer
East and South Asia; Arms control

Maiah Jaskoski, Assistant Professor
Latin America; Comparative politics

Scott E. Jasper, Lecturer
International Defense Transformation, Global commons security

Thomas H. Johnson, Associate Research Professor
Afghanistan; South and Central Asia

S. Paul Kapur, Professor
South Asia; nuclear weapons proliferation

Feroz Khan, Lecturer
South Asia; nonproliferation and arms control

Jeffrey Knopf, Senior Lecturer
Nuclear arms control and non-proliferation


Letitia Lawson, Senior Lecturer
African politics

Robert E. Looney, Professor

Tristan James Mabry, Assistant Research Professor
Nationalism and ethnic conflict; Central, South and Southeast Asia

Michael S. Malley, Lecturer
Southeast Asia

James (Clay) Moltz, Professor 
Space security, nuclear weapons, and Northeast Asia

Daniel Moran, Professor
International and military history; strategic theory, Middle East; Europe

Rodrigo Nieto-Gomez, Assistant Research Professor
Homeland security

Jessica Piombo, Associate Professor
Africa; stabilization and reconstruction

Douglas Porch, Professor Emeritus
Europe; small wars and insurgencies

Maria Rasmussen, Associate Professor
Terrorism; counter-terrorism; civil protection

James A. Russell, Associate Professor
Persian Gulf and Middle East

Zachary Shore, Associate Professor
Late modern Europe; history

Arturo C. Sotomayor, Assistant Professor
Latin America; civil-military relations

Bruce Sweeney, Military Faculty, FAO Chair
Leadership and Motivation; National Security Policy; 
International Relations; Intelligence

Mikhail Tsypkin, Associate Professor
Russian politics and security policy; Russian navy

Christopher P. Twomey, Associate Professor
International security, East Asia, China, nuclear strategy

CAPT Dan Verheul
Military Faculty

Robert Weiner, Lecturer
East Asia

James J. Wirtz, Dean
Intelligence, international relations

David S. Yost, Professor
NATO, international relations

Thomas-Durell Young, Senior Lecturer
Defense planning, management, and organization

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