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The Department of National Security Affairs (NSA), the degree-granting department within SIGS, specializes in the study and teaching of international relations, regional politics and security, international military history, international political economy, and United States security policy. Faculty are comprised of historians, political scientists and economists, with students from all the U.S. armed forces, from various defense agencies, and international officers and civilians from more than 60 countries around the world.

Department of National Security Affairs

Master of Arts in Security Studies (in-residence)
The Department of National Security Affairs offers Master of Arts in degrees in a variety of regional and topical specialties within the field of Security Studies. Master's programs require between twelve and eighteen months of in-residence study to complete.
Regional StudiesSecurity Studies
  • Middle East, South Asia & Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Far East, Southeast Asia and Pacific
  • Western Hemisphere
  • Europe and Eurasia
  • Civil-Military Relations
  • Stabilization and Reconstruction
  • Strategic Studies
  • Homeland Security and Defense
  • Combating Terrorism Strategy and Policy
Doctor of Philosophy in Security Studies
The Ph.D. in Security Studies awarded by the Department of National Security Affairs requires a minimum of two years of in-residence study beyond the Master's Degree.

Center for Homeland Defense and Security

Master of Arts in Security Studies (executive program)
The Department of National Security Affairs in conjunction with the Center for Homeland Defense and Security offer a Master of Arts in Security Studies (Homeland Defense and Security) which is obtained via combination of web-based distance learning and brief periods of intense in-residence study. Note: This degree is offered in partnership with the Department of Homeland Security National Preparedness Directorate and is open to local, state, federal, and tribal officials and NORTHCOM-sponsored officers. All other military officers will enroll in the in-residence Homeland Security and Defense curriculum.

A wide range of in-residence, non-degree short courses; off-site short courses; senior executive seminars; and lecture series are offered.  Topics vary from year to year, and are chosen to provide senior leaders with a concise, academically grounded understanding of matters of particular current importance. Programs are comprised or led by SIGS faculty and may be delivered at the Naval Postgraduate School, overseas, at other locations in the United States, or afloat and in-country with deployed forces.


Defense Resources Management Institute
Pioneered the education program that teaches the principles and concepts of defense resources management.  Educational programs are conducted in analytical decision making and resources management, in-residence and overseas, for military officers of all services and senior civilian officials.


Center for Civil-Military Relations
Provides graduate level education to foreign civilian and military participants through resident and non-resident courses.  Its programs assist foreign nations in resolving civil-military issues resulting from defense transformation, stability and support operations, combating terrorism and other security challenges.

Center for Homeland Defense and Security
Focuses on producing graduate level education programs that are designed to meet the immediate and long-term leadership needs of organizations responsible for homeland defense and security.

Center for Stabilization and Reconstruction Studies
Provides learning events and other support to mixed groups of practitioners from all the communities that deploy to the broken places so that they might be most effective in their important work.

Center on Contemporary Conflict
Provides analyzes of current and emerging threats to U.S. national security by supporting faculty and student research in the Department of National Security Affairs. The center's crosscutting, interdisciplinary research is aimed at increasing our understanding of complex security challenges.


International Defense Acquisition and Resource Management Program
Provides programs intended to strengthen democratic relationships and international security cooperation through acquisition education, research and professional service.

Joint Foreign Area Officer Program
Offers advanced education on security policy and international politics for FAOs from all Services via online distance learning and in-residence courses.

Leaders Development and Education for Sustained Peace Program
Offers graduate-level seminars and distance learning programs to military and civilian leaders deploying to stability operations.  Current programs focus on Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo, and Bosnia.

Regional Security Education Program
Provides graduate education for the purpose of raising the strategic situational awareness of deploying and forward-deployed Naval forces.  Programs focus on regional threats and include cultural and diplomatic education.

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