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The Center for Infrastructure Defense

The Center for Infrastructure Defense (CID) focuses on the continued operation of critical military and civilian infrastructure in the presence of accident, failure, and attack. Our team combines the expertise of senior scholars with a highly motivated student body consisting of military officers and government employees from the U.S. and its global partners.

Human Systems Integration Lab (HSIL)

Human Systems Integration Lab. This lab provides state-of-the-art facilities for conducting a wide range of human systems integration and human factors projects. It provides software, hardware, and facilities for collecting a wide range of human performance data including psychological, physiological, anthropometric and biomechanical parameters. For further information, please contact Professor Miller.

Wargaming PC Lab

This is a teaching lab containing 25 PC workstations to provide each student with the ability to interface with other decision makers during unclassified wargame analysis. It supports unclassified wargaming from all departments of NPS. This lab is setup in a modular fashion to support different cells in a wargame. The systems are dual boot Windows XP and Redhat Linux version 4. The models currently supported in the lab are Joint Conflict and Tactical Simulation (JCATS) and POSUM. It also is the facility that supports the Wargame Analysis and the Joint Campaign Analysis courses; which are core courses from the Army and Navy sponsors.

Simulation, Experiments and Efficient Design (SEED) Lab

The simulation, Experiments and Efficient Design (SEED) Lab currently supports research by students and faculty into efficient designs of experiments for simulation studies. For further information, please contact Professor Sanchez.

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