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Abdel-HamidTarek K.Professor 
Research interests: System Dynamics, Health Informatics, Project Management
AltbaumDaniel T.Research Associate (2006)M.S., Capitol College, 2003
BarrettMichaelResearch AssociateM.S., Pennsylvania State University, 1976

Electronic Warfare and Aircraft Survivability

BarretoAlbertLecturerM.S., University of Phoenix, 1999

Research interests are server operating systems, wireless networking, and virtualization technologies as well as Distance Learning. Research areas are moving in the direction of virtualization labs, Decision Support System integration and technologies, and Web Enabled applications.

Research/teaching interests are Computer Graphics 2D, 3D, web based; Embedded Systems Graphics; User Interface Design

BogerDan C.Chair of Information Sciences Department and Professor (1979)Ph.D., University of California at Berkeley, 1979
BordetskyAlexanderAssociate Professor of Information Sciences (2000)Ph.D., Chelyabinsk State Technical University of Russia, 1982
BourakovEugene A.Associate Professor of Information Sciences (2003)M.S., Chelyabinsk St. Tech. University, 1974
BrutzmanDonaldAssociate Professor of Information Sciences (1994)Ph.D., Naval Postgraduate School, 1994

Don Brutzman is a computer scientist and Associate Professor working in the Modeling Virtual Environments & Simulation (MOVES) Institute and Undersea Warfare Center at the Naval Postgraduate School. His research interests include underwater robotics, real-time 3D computer graphics, artificial intelligence and high-performance networking. He is a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Special Interest Group on Graphics (SIGGRAPH) and the American Association for Artificial Intelligence (AAAI). He is a board member of non-profit Sea Lab Monterey Bay, which is designing and building a youth-oriented year-round residential science camp. He is a founding member of the non-profit Web3D Consortium Board of Directors. He organized and led the SIGGRAPH Online 2001 team, designing and developing a huge audio/video/Web/XML information architecture. Currently he leads the Extensible 3D (X3D) Working Group for the ISO X3D/VRML Specification, and directs development of the Virtual Reality Transfer Protocol (vrtp) and the Extensible Modeling and Simulation Framework (XMSF).

BuettnerRaymond J.Associate Professor of Information Sciences (1999)Ph.D., Stanford University, 2003
ClementMichael R.Research AssociateM.S., Naval Postgraduate School, 2007
CookGlennSenior Lecturer of Information Sciences (2009)M.S., Naval Postgraduate School, 1994
CourtneyDale M.Lecturer of Information Sciences (2000)M.S., Naval Postgraduate School, 1996
EhlertJamesCryptologic Research Chair (2003)M.S., Naval Postgraduate School, 1995
FisherEdward L.Lecturer of Information Sciences (2005)M.A., California State University of San Bernadino, 1989
GallupShelleyResearch Associate ProfessorPh.D., Old Dominion University

Research interests are in knowledge systems, Organization development, Research methods applied to complex systems

GarzaVictor R.LecturerM.S., Golden Gate University, 2000

Research interests are in networking, wireless networking, computer security, computer virtualization and ISR.

GreenJoshuaLt Col, USAF, Military Faculty, Lecturer, Electronic Warfare (EW) Program OfficerMSEE Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT), 2004
GundersonChrisResearch Associate Professor (2004)M.S., Naval Postgraduate School, 1989
HigginsSusanLecturer of Information Sciences (2003)M.S., Naval Postgraduate School, 1988
HouselThomas J.Professor of Information Sciences (2001)Ph.D., University of Utah, 1980
IatrouSteven J.Senior Lecturer of Information Sciences (2009)M.S., Naval Postgraduate School, 1992
IrvineNelson J.Research Assistant Professor (1998)Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University, 1973
JansenErikSenior Lecturer of Information Systems (1994)Ph.D., University of Southern California, 1987
JonesCarl R.Emeritus Professor of Information and Telecommunications Systems (1965)Ph.D., Claremont Graduate School, 1965
KamelMagdi N.Associate Professor of Management Information Sciences (1988)Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1988
KendallWalter (Tony)Lecturer of Information Sciences (1999)M.S., Naval Postgraduate School, 1980
 DSS, KM on IT, Telecommunications, Electronic Business, social media
KleinmanDavidResearch Professor of Information Sciences (1994)Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1967
MacKinnonDougResearch Associate ProfessorPh.D., Stanford University, 2007

Study of knowledge flow (learning and forgetting), knowledge inventory, and knowledge management.  Conducted graduate research at Stanford University and Naval Postgraduate School (2003-2007).  Continuing research on knowledge growth and decay with Professors Ray Levitt and Michael Ramscar (Stanford) exploring how managerial interventions that impact individual learning and forgetting of skills among individuals in project groups quantitatively affect project organizations. This research triangulates data from empirical learning situations, synthetic experiments, and computational simulation modeling.

MauleRandy W.Research Associate Professor (2004)Ph.D., University of Florida, 1987
McAnenyMichael C.Research Associate (2010)M.S., Naval Postgraduate School, 1997
McClainBryan J.Research Associate of Information Sciences (2000)M.S., Naval Postgraduate School, 2008
McKenzieScottResearch AssociateM.S., Naval Postgraduate School

Complexity in Systems Engineering, Model-Based Systems Engineering, Social Systems Engineering

MillerScot A.Research Associate ProfessorM.A., Strategy and National Security, US Naval War College, 2001
Research interests include net centric acquisition, non classified operations, JIEDDO, and knowledge management.
MullinsStevenResearch AssociateM.S., Golden Gate University, 1990
NissenMark E.ProfessorPh.D., University of Southern California, 1996
Professor Nissen’s research focuses on the dynamics of knowledge and organization--particularly in the context of command & control (i.e., organization & management)--and he views work, organization, people and technology as an integrated design problem. He is leading a new initiative to investigate command & control in virtual environments, but he is probably known best for his work in Defense Knowledge Management, where he takes a principled approach (e.g., based on his 2006 book entitled Harnessing Knowledge Dynamics: Principled Organizational Knowing & Learning) to enhancing knowledge flows in operational settings.
OrosCarlLtCol, USMC (Ret.), Research Associate (2004)M.S., Naval Postgraduate School, 2004
OsmundsonJohnResearch Associate Professor of Information Sciences (1995)Ph.D., University of Maryland, 1968
PlaceW. DavidResearch Associate (2007)M.A., Naval Postgraduate School, 1982

Research interests are Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

RoetingWilliam H.Researcher and Principal InvestigatorM.S., Systems Technology (Space Systems Operations, Naval Postgraduate School, 1986
Research Interests: ISR Systems and Technologies, UAS & Sensors, Command & Control Systems, SatCom Communication and Intelligence Collection Systems
SenguptaKishore C.Associate Professor of Management Information Sciences (1989)Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University, 1990
SmithDianeResearch AssociateM.S., Naval Postgraduate School, 2006

Research interests are Knowledge management

StecklerBrian D.Lecturer of Information Sciences (2002)M.S., Information Technology Management, Naval Postgraduate School, 1994

Web Portals: and

UtschigJosephResearch AssociateM.S., Naval Postgraduate School, 1993

Interests are in Distributed Information Systems Experimentation (DISE), JBAIIC

WelchWilliam J.Lecturer of Information Sciences (2000)M.S., Naval Postgraduate School, 1987
WoodBrian P.Research Associate (1997-2000, 2006)M.S., Naval Postgraduate School, 2000

Research interests are Knowledge Management, ISR Transformation

ZhaoYingResearch Associate Professor of Information Sciences (2009)Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1992

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