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About the Littoral Operations Center

The Littoral Operations Center conducts and promotes the study of U.S. Navy and allied partner nation policy, strategy, and technology necessary to deal with conventional, irregular, and criminal threats in these crowded and cluttered coastal waters and their adjacent lands.

MISSION:  The Littoral Operations Center at the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California, is established to enhance the U.S. Navy’s integration of land, air, sea and undersea operations along the world’s coastlines, through interdisciplinary research and development involving all the departments and schools at NPS.

The LOC conducts and promotes the study of U.S. Navy and allied and partner nation policy, strategy and technology necessary to deal with conventional, irregular and criminal threats in these crowded and cluttered coastal waters and their adjacent lands.

The LITTORAL, or “near shore,” is where hydrography, geography, commerce, fishing, mining, boundaries, maneuver and sustainment issues converge, complicating both the Offense and the Defense, and placing exceptional demands on naval, aerial, and land forces that must operate, fight, and influence events there.



Dr. Kalev Sepp is a Senior Lecturer in Defense Analysis at the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School.  He was previously the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations.  A former U.S. Army Special Forces Officer, he earned his Ph.D. at Harvard University, and his Combat Infantryman Badge in the Salvadoran Civil War.  Along with his Army assignments, he served at sea aboard the USS Saipan and USS Trenton while on the staff of Amphibious Striking Group Two, and graduated from the Naval Gunfire Spotter course at Naval Base Coronado and San Clemente Island.  During operations in Panama, he led a Special Forces team augmented with Marine riflemen from 3rd Battalion, 4th Marines. His sons – a Marine and an Army paratrooper – both served in Iraq.


Graduate of the Naval Postgraduate School in 1964.  Teaching and research interests in Tactical and Campaign Analysis, Joint Littoral Warfare, Theory of Combat, and Naval History.  He is also author of the books Fleet Tactics: Theory and Practice and Fleet Tactics and Coastal Combat



Professor of Practice in Operations Research, Program Director of Maritime Defense and Security, and Program Director for the Consortium for Robotics and Unmanned Systems Education and Research.  Jeff Kline attended the University of Missouri, School of Engineering, graduating with honors in Industrial Engineering, and received his Navy commission through the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps program in 1979.  His initial sea tour was in USS MOOSBRUGGER (DD-980) serving as Gunnery Officer and Navigator with sea tours as a propulsion officer on the USS RANGER (CV-61), Combat Systems Officer on the USS JOHN L. HALL (FFG-32), Operations Officer for Tactical Destroyer Squadron 32, Commanding Officer of USS AQUILA (PHM-4), Commanding Officer of USS CUSHING (DD-985), and Deputy Operations Officer of COMSIXTHFLT.  His shore tours include Marine Corps Landing Force Training Command, Pacific as an instructor in Naval Gunfire and Supporting Arms and Office of the Secretary of Defense as a Naval Analyst.



Professor and Undersea Warfare Chair and the Director of the Undersea Warfare Research Center.  Jerry Ellis is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy in 1964.  He served 36 years on active duty as a Nuclear Submariner.  He also served as an Oceanographer of the Navy, Director of Navy Special Programs, Director of the Deep Submergence Program, Deputy Assistant for Military Application in the Dept of Energy, Senior Member of the Nuclear Propulsion Examining Board, and U.S. Representative on the NATO Naval Armaments Group (NNAG). After retirement, was selected for the Senior Executive Service and served as the Director of the Deep Submergence Program for eight years. Prior to coming to NPS, had the position of Special Assistant for Undersea Strategy for the Secretary of the Navy.



Senior Lecturer in Operations Research.  Jeff Appleget is a graduate of United States Military Academy, 1979.  He has an M.S. in Operations Research and Statistics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1989 and Ph.D. in Operations Research, Naval Postgraduate School, 1997.  Teaching and research interests in Irregular Warfare and Counterinsurgency Operations—models, methods, and tools for analysis, Combat Modeling, Linear and integer programming solution techniques and their applications, Test and Evaluation, Modeling and Simulation, Cutting Planes, Scheduling, and Constraint Branching.  He has served as a US Army Field Artillery Officer, Operations Research Systems Analyst at the Concepts Analysis Agency, Instructor in Department of Mathematical Sciences at the U.S. Air Force Academy, Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the U.S. Military Academy, Director of the TRADOC Analysis Center-Monterey, Commander of Troops and Senior Military Analyst at the TRADOC Analysis Center-White Sands Missile Range, Deputy Director and Senior Military Analyst at the TRADOC Analysis Center-Fort Leavenworth, and Deputy Director, Senior Military Analyst, and Irregular Warfare Project Lead at the TRADOC Analysis Center

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