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The Common Operational Research Environment (CORE) program is nested within the Defense Analysis Department at the Naval Postgraduate School.

Goals of the CORE program are to:

  • Expose and educate a generation of military officers as to the utility of such methodologies—NPS produces intellectual capital;
  • Leverage advanced information technologies to help understand and analyze the network based adversaries in the irregular warfare environment;
  • Maintain currency with the leading innovations of related analytical technologies.

Benefit to the Warfighter

Currently, several of the major commands are establishing analytical cells to better understand and analyze terrorism and irregular warfare. The data, information technologies and theories applicable to irregular warfare exist—but there is there is no formal education venue for officers to learn how to systematically integrate and apply them. The CORE program prepares military officers to return to the force armed with the ability to apply advanced analytical technologies and theories to real world situations, as well as articulate the appropriate requirements and manage similar efforts for the warfighter. The CORE program efforts are directly applicable to special operations, intelligence, information operations, psychological operations, civil-military operations, counter-insurgency, counter-terrorism, and irregular and asymmetric warfare.

The payoff of the CORE program is that it educates the students to use analytical technologies to test different theoretical concepts in support of their thesis research. In doing so, this program prepares officers to apply analytical technologies and methods to the problems of terrorism, networked adversaries, irregular warfare, and insurgency, thus filling the educational gap not addressed by other institutions.


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