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Information Operations (698)

The Department of Defense Analysis features an interdisciplinary faculty representing a wide range of academic and operational specialties. The Department has two curricula: the Special Operations curriculum and the Joint Information Operations (JIO) curriculum. See the JIO Curriculum matrix here.

The Joint Information Operations curriculum focuses on the strategic and operational dimensions of information—relative to the use of force—as an instrument of statecraft. Graduates will be able to develop information strategies to support military action by taking advantage of information technology, exploiting the growing worldwide dependence on automated information systems, and capitalizing on the near real time global dissemination of information to affect an adversary’s decision cycles—all with the goal of achieving information superiority. This capability is dependent upon students acquiring a thorough understanding of the enduring nature of war.

The curriculum is designed for both the specialist who will be assigned to an information operations position and the generalist who will be assigned to an operations directorate. The curriculum includes a core group of courses that address military art and operations, the human dimension of warfare (psycho-social), analytical methods, and a technical course sequence customized for each student. Additionally, each student will have an elective sequence designed to develop an in-depth understanding of joint information operations. Graduates are awarded a Master of Science in Information Operations. The program is 18 months long and requires a completed thesis.

The Joint Information Operations curriculum is open to officers, select NCOs, and civilian employees of the U.S. Government and other countries.  U.S. officers and NCOs must be eligible for a TOP SECRET clearance with access to Sensitive Compartmented Information based on a Special Background Investigation completed within the last five years. A baccalaureate degree earned with above average academic performance and a minimum academic profile code (APC) of 265 are required.

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